Working With An Agent

Without a doubt and hands down, the best article for the new and developing working artist regarding the relationship between themselves and a potential agent was written by my current associate at The Roots Agency, legendary booking agent, David Tamulevich.

(David is the handsome guy on the right with the guitar. Also in the photo are Michael Hough from his band Mustard’s Retreat and Lucy Kaplansky)

Combining his decades of experience as both a ground-breaking agent and working, touring musician, David provides real depth and insight to how both sides of the team view their craft and what both sides should expect. It is a realistic and honest appraisal that should be required reading (well, it maybe in my courses – LOL) for all musicians before they pick up the phone, hit send on their email, mail a package or drop by the booth at the trade show when communicating with a potential agent!

Working With An Agent by: David Tamulevich

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