Ride The Lightning

Was at Best Buy yesterday to get some ink for my printer and noticed that it was Metallica week – their entire discography for 9.99 each. 9.99 to me is about what a catalog item should be priced at and I never converted my LP collection to CD – so I bought 5 of their first releases – didn’t have Kill Em All and I didn’t get And Justice For All – never liked that one. Popped in Ride the Lightning today and was transformed back to being a dorky teenager. What a great – raw, pure metal album. To me, it is the best of their releases and of the era of what was then termed thrash metal. Funny how it doesn’t sound as ‘hard’ as it did back in the 80’s – when that came out it was the loudest, rawest record out there – there was nothing like them at the time – the hardest you could get were the British metal bands – Priest and Maiden granted there was Motorhead, but people didn’t know who they were, really, until Metallica started talking about them around their Garage record.

I am looking forward to the new album which comes out this week – got to imagine they leaned their lesson from St. Anger, which is officially the worst album ever made by a ‘big’ band. You can’t try to be a purposely be raw – not when you spend over a year making a record. Thank goodness they released that documentary, otherwise that album might have been unforgivable.

Reminds me of a funny story – a friend of mine, Vinny, had to turn in a poetry assignment for English in 6th or 7th grade. He forgot to do it, so he turned in the lyrics to “Trapped Under Ice.”

I don’t know how to live trough this hell
Woken up, I’m still locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can’t take anymore

Can’t move at all
Can’t hear my call
I am dying to live
Cry out
I’m trapped under the ice

Crystallized, as I lay here and rest
Eyes of glass stare directly at death
From deep sleep I have broken away
No one knows, no one hears what I say

The English teacher gave it to the middle school headmaster – I went to a conservative, Yuppie private school – and he called his parents in – not because of the plagiarism, but because they were concerned for his mental well-being – now Vinny is a high school English teacher.

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