I Think They Get It

Last Thursday I was asked to be a part of a panel by Omega Delta Psi on the subject of Independence in the Music Industry. I am always mixed about doing panels as most of the time it is just the panelists talking about themselves and doling out contrived and predictable advice, but this one I have to say in my 15 plus years was one of the best (the Phili Music conference I did with Jack Ball are still the best – I will write about them later – you’ll all crack up – pure theater).

For over three hours over 60 college students sat engaged in our discussion about the recording industry and it’ current state of flux. Yes, three hours – not that we planed on going that long – maybe an hour or so, but to look out at their faces and that they were all still into it was unbelievable. Having taught for 10 years now, you know that you can’t keep anyone attentive the whole time

While it is easy to simply cry the blues about the state of the industry, these students listened and understood that while maybe the old way of doing things is changing lots of opportunities exists out there especially for those willing to do their own thing. They get that this is a time for change – opportunity to do your own thing, carve out your own piece. Waiting to get the ticket into the club ‘entry level job’ so to speak, is not what you can depend on…I didn’t and my learning the ropes on my own was most attractive to future employers.

CD sales are bad, the music business as a whole are good, just changing and new opportunities get it and rather than bitch about the change, these kids, got it, roll with it and see it as a big opportunity.

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