I Love Pandora But…

Without a doubt I have grown to love the Pandora radio – it is why I expunged the $15 a month charge from XM radio once they went with Sirrius and the service went to crap. So between Pandora’s free App and MLB’s “At Bat” app, I have replaced what I paid $180 a year for $9.99. am still in awe on how fast something I usd to love and depend on went down hill.

Now after a little time, you can program a station or two or in my case seven that will hit you with songs you like and songs that based on your preferences with a thumbs up or down.

However, here is what I noticed. I have two main stations, my 90’s indie rock / pop station and my 70’s/80’s Arena Rock channel. To start a station you indicate the artist you like and you go from there. or indie rock, I started with Blake Babies and for Arena Rock I started with Bruce Springsteen. After about 20 hours of listening to both, I have yet to get a song by sung by someone of the opposite sex.

My indie rock play list consist of Juliana Hatfield, Liz Phair, PJ Harvey, Letters to Cleo, Some Girls, Veruca Salt, Breeders, Bjork, Portishead, Throwing Muses, Helium, Kirsten Hersh, etc. Not a male fronted band in the bunch.

For my Arena Rock I get Springsteen, Dylan (though I constantly give it thumbs down, I just don’t like listening to him, sorry), Tom Petty, U2, Bob Seger, etc . Come on – throw in a Joan Jett or Pat Benetar, maybe even a Fleetwood Mac to dip the Music Genome toe in the water that I might like female rock vocals. Obviously I do based upon my female only Indie Rock station.

I am waiting and waiting for an opposite sex vocalist so no matter who it is, I can give it a thumbs up and get a more balanced station.

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