Next Week’s Assignment

Next week, my indie label’s class will be hitting the COTIU blog hard with tips to 10 sites each that they feel would be beneficial to those interested in starting their own label and/or releasing their own music.

This is a augmented assignment to the write a business plan paper.

You will see about 60 listings like this:

Some Examples:
Residual Rewards: A site that explains the benefits of sole proprietorships / partnerships vs. incorporating
Hypebot: keep up with the music business news and helpful hints from those currently in the music industry” I can’t start my morning before checking out the h-b
Ariel’s Cyber PR: A site with a lot of tips and advice (free how to guides included) to maximize your publicity and web presence. Ariel is so cool, a band I signed in 1999 didn’t ask for more advance or royalties, just that we contractually guarantee to hire her on every project to tdo the publicity – how cool is that???
Tunecore: an aggregator to get your music on all the Digital Download stores. Also has incredible tips and other resources that fit within an indie’s tight budget. Plus Jeff owned SpinArt Records, I still have my 7″ cereal box of pop collection – beautiful colored vinyl with toy prizes and the Dambuilders “Tough Guy Problem” EP is still one of my 50 Top 10 records of all time.

So stay tuned for some great tip and insight to better you along from some very forward thinking, future leaders of our little industry.

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