Group 1’s Helpful Links

Group 1 of RIM 4810 – Indie Labels History and Operations at MTSU’s links to sites that would be beneficial to someone releasing their own music / starting their own label.

Record Label Resource — An all inclusive record industry resource. Contains everything from a Music Business Dictionary to D-I-Y Legal Resources. Music Careers — A beneficial resource of different how-to-guides regarding all facets of the the Recording Industry.

Music Business ToolboxLabel Management Systems, LLC provides (for a fee) resources, services, and support to help independent labels and musicians with their business operations.

Music Marketing [dot] com
— A regularly updated music marketing blog dedicated to sharing advances and news in this unique form of marketing.

Music Boot Camp — A CD duplication, graphic design, audio production and mastering company; the site also offers other resources and advice for DIY minded artists and labels for music production and distribution.

“Benefits to Forming an LLC,” — An informative article that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

A2IM — Representative organization for the independent music sector of the industry.

U.S. Small Business Administration
— The SBA provides services and resources to aid in the upstart of new businesses, including online training, financial assistance, assessment tools, and links to state SBA resources.

U.S. Copyright Office — Online and paper mail-in registration of copyright claims as well as a wealth of publications and FAQs designed to help make copyright registration (and the concept of copyright) easier to comprehend.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office — Online and paper mail-in registration for trademarks as well as a trademark search service and other resources for understanding how to protect your trade/service mark (label/band name).

Group 1 is: Chris Bell, Ryan Green, Jennifer Chunn, Katie Word, John Bohannon

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