Group 3’s Helpful Links A media technology company dedicated to developing leading-edge marketing software and services that help artists and their partners build businesses and brands. They help artists manage their catalogs, connect with fans, and generate demand for music. They aim to teach musicians how to use the Internet to their financial advantage, whether that means using the internet to sell more CDs or to self-promote. Secondly, They aim to arm musicians with all the information they need to move their music career forward in the current age of technology. Internet promotion site. They submit your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, online music directories, blogs, podcasts, indie record labels, and other electronic music media. A premier multi-faceted public relations, marketing, promotions and event planning company. For artists, they specialize in radio/retail tracking, concert promotion, artist itinerary management, street promotions, and tour support. An Internet age music company that works with independent pop/rock artists to create and implement marketing programs to get their music and careers off the ground. Missing Beat uses Internet and traditional methods to gain exposure for their artists and helps them become successful. Entertainment law firm based in Nashville, Tennessee representing clients in music, film, theater, television, book publishing and the visual arts. As entertainment attorneys, they represent artists, writers, producers, managers and record labels throughout the United States and abroad. Artists use ReverbNation as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole — be it via social networks, blogs, or the artist’s homepage. Label and Management companies use ReverbNation as a home base for digital distribution, to manage multiple artist profiles, to create music samplers for social networking sites, to recruit, manage, and track street teams, and to use powerful free email tools to promote their artists. The best resource on the internet for the independent record label. They provide free, unlimited access to an extensive music industry database, with information on CD manufacturing, CD mastering, radio promotion, entertainment lawyers, and more. This site is dedicated to providing independent artists from solo, trio to bands, the best outlet possible to be heard globally on the Internet and is committed to being the best source of information to discover unsigned artists. This site guides you through the entire process of searching, comparing, contacting, booking and rating performers. Manages the digital, mobile, retail and mail order sales for more than 2,000 active releases from touring artists and record labels around the world. The company operates as the only full service distributor that offers artists a 100% payout on all net royalties in exchange for a flat monthly fee. Helps submit artists to thousands of top music resources in each genre including radio stations, online music magazines, directories, e-zines, and blogs. Music Careers: This site addresses all of the areas regarding the startup of an independent record label, including financial funding, promotion, distribution, working with artists, etc., along with links to articles and frequently asked industry questions.

Artist House Music: Bryan Calhoun Video: This site features a video of Bryan Calhoun, who developed software for indie label budgeting. The interview discusses how he came up with the product idea, as well as how it will benefit indie labels that choose to use it.

E-Zine Article: How To Start An Indie Label: This site provides a basic run-down of why independent labels are founded, and describes how to search for artists once the label has been started.

Starting An Indie Label: This site addresses the considerations to be made in starting a label and obtaining distribution for the product. It describes the various types of business structures and provides a step by step guide of the business operations that the label must perform.

Start a Business: This site provides information on starting a business and the basic steps to follow.

Record Label Startup: This site goes through everything you need to know to start your own label. From writing the business plan to radio promotions and much more, this site gives a lot of great information. This site provides step by step instructions and loads of information.

Music Business:This site provides information on the business aspects of running a label. Mainly on being the producer, but also hiring managers and staff for the company as well as understanding how each position works. Also on how to make money and where it will be going.

Music Contracts: Music Contracts provides every type of contract that you may come across in the industry. It also provides legal assistance, as well as recommended books and articles.

Start your own record label: Step by step instructions for starting a label. There is also a list of tips and resources to refer to.

Group 3 is Whitney Calk, Kelly Townsend, David Krenz, Chase Plesofsky and Laura Rogers

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