Group 6’s Helpful Links

U.S. Small Business Administration
The U.S. Small Business Administration’s homepage. It features many of the resources, links, documentation and insight into the steps necessary and the choices ahead of you when starting your own small business.

Distribution: Starting a label
The British Broadcasting Company put together a basic but helpful how-to on starting a label, with considerations, descriptions and documentation to help you get started.

Record Label Resource Directory
A great resource of contacts, radio stations, promoters, publicity and
whatnot to help you get your artists to the next level.

RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists. This is a cool web site where your label or artists can join.

12 Solid Steps to Starting A Record Label The Right Way
This web site covers the 12 steps of starting a label, from the business model to paying artists.

Session 2: The Business Plan
This site will help you become familiar with a business plan and goes through the process of writing one. Something every new company needs to know.

One Stop Business Licensing and Permitting Center
This website is exactly what it says it is. It’s a one stop shop for all of your start up needs. It includes checklists, forms, FAQ’s, even a page dedicated to share why other businesses fail. One of the major benefits of this page is that it helps you to decide what to chose as your business entity. This is run by the state of Alabama, yet every state has one that is unique to that state and its requirements.

This site is tailored to helping individuals starting their own label. It includes many links that will guide you through the process in area’s such as, choosing a name, choosing a lawyer, writing a business plan, copyrights and trademarks, types of deals to offer, this list goes on. This site starts at conception to start up and has all of the information one would need for starting their very own record label.

Running and Independent Label: Artist House Interview
This website features an interview with Michael Caplan, president and co-founder of OR Music. He discusses how to run an independent label and some trials and tribulations he encounters. Though he has the taste of a major label, he enjoys to attention he is able to give 4 or 5 artists per year at his indie label. One of his biggest difficulties is getting radio airplay and the cost of doing business.

Deals That Await Successful Independent Music Labels
This article by Christopher Knab, an independent music business consultant, explains the type of deals an independent label may encounter when collaborating with a larger label. The article
describes deals including P&D, Distribution Only, Fulfillment, Piggyback, Production, Joint Venture, and Equity Deals. Licensing by major labels, licensing to major labels, and rights buyouts are also explained.

Group 6 is Justin Nations, Nathan Toth, Drew Cohen, Devon Hodovsky, Jaime Shafer

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