Broken Bow

 Broken Bow

                     In the early 2000s Founder, Benny Brown, staffed an elite group of music industry professionals to create Broken Bow Records. The labels main focus was in the country music genre. With the market falling beneath them, this team still continued to raise the bar by singing artists such as Craig Morgan, Chad Brock, Sherrie Austin, Joe Diffie{2}. 

                    Music Promotion veteran, Brad Howell joined the Broken Bow team in early 2004 as the GM.  Howell held eight previous years as VP of Promotion for Warner Brothers Records in Nashville as well as the National Director of Promotion for Equity Music Group{6}.  Howell contributed to breaking new artists such as Craig Morgan and Jason Aldean. After four and a half years with Broken Bow, Howell exited the company.

                      craidbbrCraig Morgan gave the label their first number one with “That’s What I Love About Sunday” in 2005 and held the spot for four weeks in a row. Morgan’s album later went on to achieve gold status for selling over 500,000 copies.{2} In 2004, the label’s National Director of Promotion took an interesting approach at marketing Morgan’s up and coming single, “Look At Us” when he jumped from an airplane at 13,500Craig Morgan feet  in an effort to get people to “Look at him.” He received an immense amount of media attention for this daring and unusual promotional endeavor {4}. Continuing to attract attention for the up and coming single release of “Look At Us,” Broken Bow staffers camped in the Nashville office parking lot with rented cranes and lifts, from which they hung massive promotional banners {5}.   The single went on to reach the top 20’s on the country charts.  Morgan stayed with the label until he signed to a Sony affiliate label in 2008.

                      One of Broken Bows most talked about artist at this point is Jason Aldean.Jason Aldean  Aldean’s self-titled debut album hit 37 on the Billboard Top 200 as well as #2 on the country charts. From this album came the successful singles “Hicktown” (#1 on the Billboard country charts), “Amarillo Sky” (#4 on the Billboard country charts), and “Why.” Aldean’s sophomore album, Relentless topped the Billboard country charts in 2007. This album also produced enormous singles such as; “Johnny Cash,” “Laughed Until We Cried,” and “Relentless.” Blazing the charts now is Aldean’s most recent album Wide Open. This album, released in 2009, has already produced the colossal hit “She’s Country” and the most recent single “Big Green Tractor.”  

                  The label has also managed to rope in Alabama front man Randy Owen in. In 2008, Owen released his solo album and received a incredible response from the country music fans. The album was produced by singer/songwriter John Rich and contained 11 songs written by Owen himself.   


                  Broken Bow continues to further their artists through new media, such as myspace, personal websites, and twitter.  On the labels myspace, one can find blog posts and updates by the staff as well as follow the link to each of the artist’s pages. Also, there are several live performance videos and even some home videos to give the fans an inside look at who each of the artists are. One of the most popular videos is of Randy Owen and John Rich in the studio, working on his latest album. The Broken Bow staff are truly taking every chance possible to reach out to fans through new media{1}.

                  From signing great artists to developing them into mega stars, Broken Bow has proved themselves to be a dominating force in not only the independent labels’ world, but in the music industry as a whole. At this rate, we have no doubt that this label will continue to have huge impact in the country music industry.  



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