ArtistShare Records: Where Fans Make It Happen

Looking for the new record label business model to emulate or provide evidence of the new era of the music industry – well it has been around since 2003 and it’s about time we all added them to our repertoire of the top businesses making it happen in the new era of the music industry. Here is an interview with the Founder and CEO, Brian Camelio.

They have their niche, they have their success stories and they are connecting the fan to the artist as a priority, not as a ‘what do we do now’ after thought. They have a dozen Grammy nominations with 4 victories. There base is not in Generation M, but older, so proof that this model can work for all types of artists.

Their ‘About’ page sums it up quite well – some highlights:

“Since 2003, ArtistShare has been allowing fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists by funding their recording projects in exchange for access to the creative process, LTD Edition recordings, VIP access to recording sessions and even credit listing on the CD. Unlike other companies we build the model around the artist while providing the best fan support in the industry.”

“ArtistShare, however, is not looking to fight these emerging technologies; rather, we work with this new platform to the benefit the artist”

“By reaching out directly to the consumer and focusing on the innate value of music, ArtistShare has created a model that is immune to changes in the industry.”

Here are some of the incentives you the fan get by participating in the creation of the new Jim Hall / Bill Frisell record:

# Receive credit listing on the Jim Hall/Bill Frisell duo CD
# Design the cover! Submit your own cover art – Jim and Bill will choose their favorite for the official release (11/1/08 contest closed – thanks to all who submitted!)
# Receive an exclusive recording, performed live in the studio, by Bill and Jim specifically for you
# Attend the mastering session in NYC (date/location TBA)
# VIP access to Jim Hall and Bill Frisell performances
# Get an inside look at the creative process and watch the recording come to life

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  1. Jaywalker says:

    Marketing is one of the toughest areas for most musicians to tackle. It requires a lot of focus, hard works and determination even when it seems you are not getting any positive results. On top of these facts you can easily go broke by over paying for advertisements and other marketing services.

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