Free eBooks For DIY Musicians & Those Looking to Develop A Career In The Music Business

Thought I would corral the litany of free literature available online to help you develop a career in the music business, market your music, build a company and other things you might want to know to get ahead. In no particular order:

1. Free: The Future of A Radical Price by Chris Anderson
*Free Audiobook

2. Music 2.0 by Gerd Leonhard
* Free PDF (though donations are appreciated)

3. Remix by Lawrence Lessig
* Free PDF

4. The New Rockstar Philosophy by Hoover and Voyno
* Link to send Email

5. 20 Things You Need To Know About Music Online by Andrew Dubber:
* Free PDF

6. New Music Strategies: 20 Things You Need To Know About Music Online by Andrew Dubber
* Free PDF

7. The Word Of Mouth Manual Vol. 2 by David Balter
* Free PDF

8. The Pirate’s Dilemma – How The Youth Culture Reinvented Capitalism by Matt Mason
* Free PDF

9. Seth Godin books
* Knock Knock: Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that Works
* IdeaVirus
* The Future of the Music Business
* Who’s There

10. How to Call Attention to Your Music by Derek Sivers
* Free PDF

11. 10 KEY Steps You MUST Take to SUCCEED in Today’s Music Business by Ian Clifford
* Free PDF

12. Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook by Bob Baker
* Free PDF

13. The Easy Way To Book Your Gigs
* Free PDF

14. Poor Richard’s Top 100 Tips for Doing Business Online
* Free PDF

15. Branding Yourself Online by Bob Baker
* Free PDF

16. Killer Internet Marketing Strategies
* Free PDF

17. How to Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business by Kavit Haria
* Free PDF

18. How to Recession-Proof Your Music Career by Bob Baker
* Free PDF

19. Indie Music Marketing Secrets by Bob Baker
* Free PDF

20. Promoting with Podcasting by David Jackson
* Free PDF

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