Artist Data

By: Rebecca Quick, George Pace, Eric Parker, Brian Vollmer

Artist Data is a company that allows artists to manage, publish, promote, and organize their respective entities through one single organizational tool. The online company was founded in July of 2006 by Brandon Mulligan in Chicago. Brandon Mulligan’s belief is that artists should only have to enter their information once. Artist Data is currently in a beta stage and is free to any artist wanting to sign up. Artist Data lets artists sign up for free and post their updates to the website. Then, Artist Data takes the artists’ updates and posts them to many popular mass media websites. There are currently 22 social networks involved in the process, some of these networks include MySpace, facebook, twitter, artist direct, jambase and eventful to name just a few. Artist Data boasts that it has already sent 1,942,284 notifications to different media sources on behalf of their artists.

Artist Data is not only for the artist or the artist manager but is also directed towards record labels with more than one artist they would like to promote as well as venues, promoters, and talent buyers who may use the website to promote shows. After choosing which category you fall into, you enter in your information, whether it be for an organization or a band, and submit your information. Artist Data sends out a confirmation e-mail in which it gives you the opportunity to set up an artist or company profile. At this point you are officially a member of Artist Data. From here, you enter in your artist data complete with tour information and a full artist profile including a photo so that you can be searched for by businesses looking for particular artists. Once you are set up, you are on your way to becoming connected.

Artist Data wants to give artists more time to create music for the public. They do this by offering as many ways to connect the artist with different media outlets as possible. In addition to updating the artist on many social networks, Artist Data also handles a good deal of promotion for the artist. This starts with contacting local press when the artist is on tour and letting the press know information such as the artist’s bio and profile as well as when the artist is coming to town so that the press has the opportunity to promote the artist and create awareness around upcoming events in any given local area. Another part of the promotion process that Artist Data handles is connecting with the fans that wish to be updated with notifications of when the artist tours. Artist Data has a tool called Concert Syndication that does just that. It will contact the fans that show interest in a particular artist when the artist is coming to their town to do a show. It also posts full tour dates so the fans can know where and when the artist is playing on the whole tour. Artist Data tries to get the information to the fans so the fans do not have to go looking for the information.

Another neat tool that Artist Data has is an application to create Day Sheets. These Day Sheets are useful documents for the road crew and the concert crew as well as the other band mates. The Day Sheets help important members of the tour stay on top of any changes in tour itinerary including scheduling and transportation. In short, the Day Sheets insure that everyone is on the same page and that no one misses important events.

Artist Data has only been around for three years but already it has created an enormous amount of buzz. Additionally, the website has already been nominated for many awards, most recently being the Chicago Innovation Awards just last week. Artist Data ended up being a finalist and was given the People’s Choice Award by Chicago Innovation. This is a tremendous leap for the company and can only be accredited to the high number of users that Artist Data has already attracted. This graph below, compliments of Quantcast, illustrates this point.

Artist Data is a fabulous tool for artists, promoters, record labels, and fans alike. Artist Data is by no means the only way to make good use of time management by an artist. However, Artist Data definitely has the power to make an artist powerful just by the use of this one website. Artist Data makes some of the most time consuming aspects of promoting an artist as simple as logging in and spending five minutes a day updating an artist’s profile. Additionally, given the fact that Artist Data is still currently in a free beta stage of its life, it is without a doubt the most cost effective way to put artists’ information at the fingertips of the fans. If you are an artist and you have not yet become familiar with the power that social networking has on creating buzz then Artist Data is a wonderful tool for you. It is as simple as creating a profile on MySpace or facebook and it can bring you more results than any one social networking site can on its own. Artist Data is the all-in-one multi-tool of the recording industry.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing post. Thanks so much for your support. We’ll be sure to spread the word about this great review!

    Brenden Mulligan

  2. Geceinnadet says:

    Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words dude. Made my day.

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