New Media Outsource: TopSpin Media

By: John Freeman, Heather Gibson, Nikki Haynes, Jarin Stricklan

A new and effective source of marketing includes the growing trend of “direct-to-fan” marketing technique. Topspin surfaced in June 2008, founded by Peter Gotcher and Shamal Ranasinghe while controlled by Ian Rogers. Their artist roster includes top acts such as Beastie Boys, Eminem, Paul McCartney, and many more.
TopSpin allows for use of viral marketing, target marketing, direct marketing, the ability of flexible bundles for fans, and software that helps analyze different marketing tactics. The company’s tagline is “artist focused, data driven” which really describes its main focus, the artist. TopSpin allows for an easy purchase experience from any artist website to a consumer while providing a smooth transaction to the fan while helping the artist sell their content at the best digital quality. TopSpin also well assist in any other physical merchandise the artist chooses to advertise. How about having an email marketing system, widget platform, and data analytics engine all integrated within one application? TopSpin has created amazing software that offers all of these and has made it incredibly easy to use for the user. An addition to offering an incredible service, they also provide information from other companies that they have partnered with to help develop other important aspects of the artists career.
Topspin’s main focus is to offer help to artists to of managing their catalogs, while connecting with fans and ultimately creating a demand for their music. Connecting with fans while still maintaining a demand for the music has become an ongoing theme in today’s new music structure. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has proven this theory of connecting with fans will indeed create a demand for his music, as he is eliminating the middleman. Not only is Topspin great for top selling artists, but will also benefit the up and coming artists as well. They offer a service that will allow consumers easy access to their artist’s music, while providing an affordable alternative to traditional resale along with the elimination of the gatekeepers of years past. Topspin really helps new artists with helping create a marketing plan, while also providing links to other sources of information on marketing their music to fans. Another unique feature they offer on their website is their widget for calculating potential revenue from the Topspin platform, all the user has to do is input numbers into the platform then outputs an estimated six month revenue. Any artist could benefit from Topspin and should carefully consider utilizing the services provided, and may even be surprised by the outcome.

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2 Responses to New Media Outsource: TopSpin Media

  1. While TopSpin has been getting a lot of spin of late… it’s worth noting that Boston-based Nimbit ( has been helping artist connect, market and sell direct to fan since 2002. With 15K customers— they’ve got lots of experience, a solid platform, functionality and the benefit of being founded by 2 pro musicians/Berklee grads. Nimbit’s used by veteran artists (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, London Symphony) as well as indies, emerging artists and more. Please check them out. ((Full disclosure– I do some consulting for Nimbit but as the marketing guy for a semi-pro a cappella group: I’m also a booster/user). Let me know what you think!

    • dahancb says:

      Know them and love them – I recommend them to my students and artists all the time – just talked about them to my 70 Intro students last week and know at least 2 students who opened a Nimbit account this weekend. But, Topspin is the only DTC platform offering a class right now on both the marketing space and their software. I also like Bandcamp very much too. I want to learn how to use this stuff and their marketing theory (plus ‘steal’ some of their teaching methods for my class – LOL).

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