iLike – Maggie Hill, Tyler Hudson, Josh Rogers, Frank Walters

iLike is a social music discovery service co-founded by brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi in 2006.  It provides services like creating automatic playlists, offering new artist suggestions and personalizing concert alerts.  iLike enables artists to reach their fans and create a buzz about their music.  This company is the main application on Facebook.  It has more than 50 million registered users.  iLike uses social networking sites to reach out to potential fans.  It provides direct access to material on iTunes as well as direct access to artists’ websites and blogs.  Mainstream as well as indie artists will find iLike to be extremely beneficial.

iLike provides fans with many useful tools, like applications for iPhones.  It gives users a direct link to iTunes and Amazon to purchase music.  It also provides a link to Ticketmaster so users can purchase tickets.  Along with these features, it can also scan your library and compile a list of new music that is compatible with what you already have.  The iLike sidebar can alert users when a concert is going to be near, and when new releases are coming out.  These features make connecting with fans very easy.  Connecting with fans will usually lead to higher sales.

This company can be useful to artists in every stage of their career.  It is a very useful thing for new artists, because this service allows them to get their music out there.  They can set up a page quite easily.  With this application the artists can gain access to many different groups without much effort.  Once the artist signs up for one account, it is automatically published on all of iLike’s affiliates.  This cuts down on the amount of work it takes to maintain the account.

iLike would also be a great tool for artists in the middle stages of their careers.  They really need to keep their fan base and expand to include more people in their core fans.  iLike makes that a possibility.  Fans that use this application will be alerted for each new release of the artist, and when the artist is coming to town, so they will never forget.  At this same time iLike is helping the artist keep up with their old fans, it will alert new fans to the groups sound.  The cycle will continue.  One great thing artists can do with iLike is create their very own application.  They can offer exclusive items if their fans purchase their application, which simultaneously connects with fans and give them a reason to buy.

Overall iLike can be utilized by bands of all kinds.  Not only can artists create these accounts, but they also can watch their results.  iLike shows each group the stats on fan growth and sends out weekly statistic reports.  It has features that can help out any kind of group.  It can help artists market their music to new people, and it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.  This is why iLike has nearly 150,000 artists that have accounts.  No group is going to say no to easy promotion.  Currently, Myspace is talking about buying iLike.  It is still in the works, but this would totally change the dynamics of the company.  Facebook is such a vital player, so this buyout would have huge ramifications.

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