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Amy Ritter, Kristen Kellet, Matthew Edwards, Wes Babb

BandCamp is a great way for artists to share music directly with their fans.  The site was created to give artists their own unique place to sell physical and digital music online without irrelevant advertisements popping up everywhere.  Bands that deserve success deserve to have a site that actually works and connects to fans.  Bandcamp is extremely user-friendly for the artist as well as the fans.  The site is very informative and explained in a way that makes Bandcamp seem more of a friend than a company just doing business.  Fans login to find a page designated to their favorite band shown by a Header, designed by the band as well as cover art of the latest album.  The right hand column of the screen displays the band’s discography. Fans are able to click on any album listed to view the track listing of each album with lyrics and liner notes from the band. Fans can choose a song and read liner notes and lyrics posted by the band. arf1

 When it comes to downloading or purchasing a song fans are able to pick the format they want from Mp3, VBR, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless FLAC and AAC.  

Bands can make their music available for free download, name your price, or provide links to streaming sites, all at the same time.   One song can be up for free download while the rest of the album is name your price for a higher quality format.  Every song downloaded syncs right into iTunes with cover art and song information.

Fans can also share songs with friends by a click of a button, posting links through Facebook, MySpace and other social networks.

From the artist perspective Bandcamp is definitely worth creating an account.  The site is Free! This is made possible because Bandcamp takes a percentage of band earnings from sales.  Bandcamp will only make money when the band makes money and only when the band reaches a certain success level.  Setup is quick and simple.  The band designs their own page from the Header to the Album artwork .Once an artist creates a page they begin uploading tracks and listing them as free downloads or sold at set prices. Bandcamp also makes charts available to the artists showing the amount of plays per song, whether a song was played completely, partially or skipped over. This gives the band an idea of which songs fans are really listening to and which ones are being played simply because they are the first track on the album.  Bands are also able to see what sites are mentioning their music along with the link to the site.  Where they can join in the conversation to promote future releases and see what people are saying about their music. Bandcamp also shows what sites have their music embedded, who is downloading their music, where and whether they are downloading for free or purchasing.

            Bandcamp is a win-win music outlet for artist and fans.  It is an easy setup benefiting both parties.  Fans can find new music and information on favorite bands choose to stream or buy songs while the artist can know who is buying and what they are buying to help promote their music even more. Bandcamp is a one stop for all music needs of the fan as well as for the artist. Designed to help bands succeed and connect with fans in a quick, easy way.

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