Topspin Class

I am starting my third week of Online Marketing with Topspin via Berklee College. So my first concern was “Do professors make bad students?” Meaning, would I slack off because some of the content is very familiar to me, I have my style of teaching, etc. So far, I have been enjoying every lesson, jump on it the minute it gets put up (the lessons are weekly and they just posted the third week and I am 75% through the lesson) and starting to tackle this weeks assignment – create a web page for your artist using WordPress.

Well, I though this would be easy, considering, hey, this is a WordPress site, but boy, was I wrong. But, I am up for a challenge, I want a challenge and this is why I took this class – to improve my knowledge of the Direct to Fan space so I can teach it to my students and develop DTF marketing plans for our clients at The Roots Agency. What would be the fun if I took a course that I already mastered the material.

So the artist I am using as my guinea pig is Dala. They have been kind in allowing me to try some of what I am learning out on them. But for the website assignment, it would be a bad idea to take down their website, so I am going to create a fan page call Dala Fan. So, Ill write about my struggles with it’s creation as I tackle this technology. I got a url and a host site, I have downloaded the software and am waiting for my confirmation at my host site so I can install WordPress into my browser (to use Firefox or Safari – I am using both right now, though Firefox is my main one).

Anyway, I jumped a head in my lessons (as did most of my classmates) since we got a free Topspin account for the class.

I created two marketing ideas to help optimize the Dala’s mailing list and I am so happy that they bought into the idea and am looking forward to see if they are going to work.

The first one I created was aimed at maximizing email sign ups at shows. Dala would perform an unreleased song and at the end they would say something like “If you would like a free copy of that song, just sign up on our mailing list and we’ll send it to you.” So after each show, they will scan and email me the folks who signed up and I’ll email them the link and a thank you note from Dala. We didn’t get it devised in time to do it last weekend for their two sold out (in advance, BTW) shows in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

The second was a widget that they would put on their site and social media sites. On the first day it was up, they got 72 sign ups. About a 10% addition to their current list and have been adding 30 or so folk each day. You can see it here, I can’t get it to embed.

So far so good. Just awaiting the confirm from Just Host so I can start the fan site.

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