Next Big Sound


Melissa Johnson and Kelley Goss


In today’s social media frenzy, how do we ever measure their effectiveness?  Normally we’d track how many fan adds we were receiving on a daily basis, or by the number of song listens we had gotten on sites such as ReverbNation and PureVolume.  But to track each individual website takes a lot of time and effort, usually done by a label’s intern.  Then how would we compare our internet success with that of a competing band?  All these questions and a little more, have luckily been answered by Next Big Sound.

Next Big Sound is what is referred to as an analytical website in the sense that it measures the growth and popularity of bands across major websites. Formed in August 2008 by Alex White, CEO, David Hoffman, CCO and Samir Rayani, CTO, Next Big Sound started out at as live music streaming website but after looking at the market and competition, it changed directions. Next Big Sound is now focused on looking at sixteen major websites, such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook,, and iLike.What Next Big Sound does is it takes music plays, fans, band page views and band page comments from these websites and calculates and graphs each of these statistics over time and compares the data to that of other similar bands. Next Big Sound now tracks over half a million artists across the major properties on the web. (

Next Big Sound does have a little competition in the marketplace, but there is not another service that does exactly what NBS does.  White and the other founders, launched early enough that they gained a significant following in a market share that wasn’t exactly there. Since the music industry is changing to where you must have direct engagement with the fans in order to have success, instead of the traditional marketing of pushing acts through radio and other media sources. Following true to this method, Next Big Sound has done just that.  They are not focused on what their competition is doing, but are more focused on what their fans and users want. They also have had success because their service gets its information from social media websites as well as live streaming media websites. These types of services are huge in the industry today and Next Big Sound has taken advantage of just that.

Next Big Sound is a tool for music industry professionals, bands or anyone interested in tracking how millions of fans interact with music online every day. Anyone in the music business should also want to use Next Big Sound, because it allows for them to be able to see how their artist or client could increase page views, prompt virality, and stimulate interaction on the web. These interactions can be accurately measured, reported and then utilized, which is the service Next Big Sound provides. Next Big Sound’s objective is to help artists better understand and increase their online audience.

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