Eventful: Life After Flyers

Ten years ago, the only way to find out about a local show was through friends, family, or flyers posted on every telephone pole and street lamp in the area. Today, as the world is becoming annoyingly eco-friendly and adapting to electronic communication, we as a society have come up with a way to save the trees AND find out about events simultaneously.

Eventful.com is a website that allows anyone from entertainers to politicians to better connect and facilitate to their current and future fans. Eventful is an open platform website where anyone can post local shows, movie reviews or even business and artist information. The main use for Eventful is to allow people get out and become involved in their local community. If you’ve just finished a long work week and want to get out of the house, but don’t know where to go or what to do, Eventful can help to narrow your likes and dislikes and find events you would enjoy in your geographic area. Eventful picks up your IP address to give you local listings of events and venues.

This website is a useful tool for bands and artists to gain exposure. For a small fee of $49.99 per week, artists can post their shows or appearances into the events, movies, or community sections of the site. This is a great way for bands to spread the word about their upcoming shows nearest to you, and even create the opportunity for fans to write reviews on their album or show. Eventful is also a great networking tool for bands and artists. It opens the doors for bands and artists to be able to interact with one another, attend each other’s shows, and even tour together. It helps A&R executives find shows that might interest them when searching for bands or artists to sign. It allows for bands and artists to gain a larger fan base, and spread the word about their music globally. This can also be helpful for business owners and politicians to promote their products and campaigns and generate a following.

The “Demand It!” section is one of the most important parts of Eventful’s website. It allows users to further express their opinions of certain events and ideas by demanding an artist, band, television show, personality, or business. Eventful then lists the top 40 demands of the day across the globe, as well as the top 6 locations each one is being demanded in. This gives the artist, personality, or business an idea of not only how popular they are, but where they are most popular. This can be helpful when planning a tour and creating a marketing plan.

You can sign up to become a member of Eventful for free on their website, or download the Eventful application to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Katie Nowak
Jason Cantrell

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