Live Music Machine

Courtney Coslow, Sarah Gross, Jessica Simmons, Heather Winiger 

Who is Live Music Machine? In short, Live Music Machine is the internet site that connects music fans with their favorite bands for a more personal way to book them directly. The master mind behind this concept, David Sherbow, is aptly named the “music business master.” He started Live Music Machine in August of 2009 and has kept his emphasis on independent artists and insuring their success. Using Live Music Machine is as easy as logging into your MySpace or Facebook accounts. In fact, you can add Live Music Machine as your friend on either of these sites, and book your favorite band directly through that site. Much like SonicBids in the sense that you book your band directly, Live Music Machine focuses more of its efforts on the fans, instead of promoters, encouraging them to book shows. The site is free to join; you just fill out some information, find a band and place an offer. In some cases bands provide a minimum they are willing to play for, but a little negotiation never hurts.

In a DIY world, it is more important than ever for starving bands to establish direct-to-fan relationships.  Live Music Machine makes it possible for musicians and fans to connect on a different level.  Most musicians rely on a booking agent to book their shows and create a tour.  Live Music Machine allows for the “middle-man” to be eliminated, because the musicians don’t rely on an agent to create their tour(s).  The fans determine when and where their favorite artist(s) perform.  By putting marketing efforts towards promoting Live Music Machine, artists can expect to play more paying gigs, which ultimately exposes them to more potential fans.  Exposure is very important for new or lesser known musicians.  The more fans a band makes through this exposure, the more they will come together to book even more shows.  Gigs booked through Live Music Machine have the potential of creating another income stream for the artists utilizing its services.

Live Music Machine makes marketing this whole concept easy.  They have created a widget that can be placed on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, and other social networking websites.  The widget shows the bands’ current schedule and availability.  It also features an option to allow the band to auction off dates to the highest bidder.  Again, artists are able to set their minimum price.   With this widget, artists are able to reach new fans and it allows them to reach fans that may not get to see the artist perform otherwise.  The widget also shows the artist where their fans are located.  This allows them to reach out and book shows in the areas where the fan base is bigger.

            Live Music Machine is a great tool for artists to use to get shows booked in places they would not normally play.  The site is an online booking service that is used by both the artist and the fans to book shows.  It allows the fans to put in a bid to book a show for their favorite band, and then the band has the option to either accept or reject the offer.  The shows can be booked for house parties, birthday parties, private concerts, personal appearances and many more. 

There is also a widget that allows the artist to control their calendar and to generate bookings.  The ability for artists to post the widget on all of their social networking sites to allow bookings deepens that direct-to-fan connection.  The widget also allows the fans to continue to make offers on a band or allows for a group of people in the same town to come together to pay for an artist they all want to perform.  Once a date is agreed upon by both the artist and the fan or promoter, each side pays a small $10 fee to Live Music Machine.  The great thing about this website is that there is no commission.  The artist gets to keep everything they make from a show. 

As mentioned before, Live Music Machine was established by David Sherbow in August of 2009.  That being said, nearly everything that has happened for Live Music Machine since its start would be considered current news.  At no point in the past have fans been able to book their favorite bands without having to deal with the middle-man, also known as the ticket sellers.  Recently, Live Music Machine became a part of Artist Data.  Through Artist Data, bands can sync their tour and show dates to their calendars on Live Music Machine.  Also as of right now, creator David Sherbow is offering users of the Live Music Machine widget a 30 minute consultation with him, plus a free copy of his E-book “One Fan at a Time: Building your Music Biz to the Max.”  Live Music Machine has now updated its calendars to allow artists to choose availability by answering just 3 questions, eliminating the hassle of setting availability one day at a time.

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