By: David Shaw, Christina Rieder, Paul Garboczi, Coy Leach

In today’s digital world, any artist, no matter how small, can distribute their content online. However, online distribution can be confusing and time consuming with all of the many digital outlets to choose from. INgrooves helps to solve this problem with their wide array of services.
With INgrooves you can simply upload your music (or other content) and relax while INgrooves markets and distributes your work to iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, and many other online retail outlets. INgrooves is able to do this by using their ONE Digital platform for marketing and distribution. If INgrooves is distributing your content, you can track daily where it is for sale and how many units have been sold. Since 2002 their business has grown from representing a handful of midlevel artists to becoming the premiere digital marketing and distribution service in the media industry.
INgrooves offers their services to clients such as Universal Music Group, Dolly Parton, Spinal Tap, and Thievery Corporation. INgrooves has explored many new ways of reaching new consumers. Working with companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, INgrooves takes music from the content owner and formats it to be compatible with cellular devices. The company helps clients penetrate deeper into their target markets to increase the number of consumers they reach.
Robb McDaniels founded INgrooves in 2002. The Company’s Headquarters is located in San Francisco and it has offices in London and Los Angeles. INgrooves has a high customer retention of 99% and has many worldwide retail partnerships including iTunes, Amazon, MP3, Rhapsody, AT&T, Vodaphone, and Spotify. The company has 60 employees and its largest shareholder and client is Universal Music Group.
Robb McDaniels is the President, CEO, and Founder of INgrooves. Robb worked finance for several Fortune 500 companies, focusing on maximizing the value of their intellectual properties. Robb is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT. He also spent time at the London School of Economics. Robb’s knowledge of internet marketing has paid off richly with numerous speaking engagements with major technological and music events. He has been quoted several times in news reports such as Billboard Magazine, CNN, and was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in December 2007. The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals’ named him the second Best Digital Distribution Executive of 2007, second to Apple’s Steve Jobs.
One of INgrooves services is mobile distribution. Ingrooves understands the market potential for mobile space and can create visible opportunities for your catalog such as ringtones, wallpaper, ringbacks, fulltrack downloads, and even video ringers. Already, INgrooves works with Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Voadaphone, Orange, O2, Telus, Bell Mobility, Telcel, Movistar, Telefonica, NTT DoCoMo, and KDDI. The company also works a few ringtone application companies such as with Ringtone Jukebox, FunMo, Musica Real, and mSpot. These key partners in the mobile space allow INgrooves to launch content directly “on deck” via each carrier’s white label tone stores worldwide. INgrooves also has direct to consumer sites such as and that enable mobile content to be available for fans to download directly from their websites instead of having to search through the carrier “deck” for content. INgrooves is able to distribute your content via these services worldwide.
In recent news, X5 Music Group signed a deal with INgrooves on March 2, 2010, providing distribution digitally, marketing, and promotion services to the worldwide digital music and video community. The X5 Music Group has over 180,000 music tracks spanning all genres. X5 has had twelve albums on the ‘Billboard Hot 200’ chart in the part two years, solely through digital track sales.
INgrooves is also responsible for the online distribution and marketing for the recent “Hope For Haiti Now” all digital album. This was the first digital only album to ever be released and sold incredibly well, setting the bar high for any other only digital release to submerge from the major record groups. The album sold over five million copies within the first three weeks of release, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, was the number one album in 18 Territories at iTunes, and was the biggest one week digital album sales in history.
The success of INgrooves has been well noted throughout entertainment media. Brian Larson of the iTunes Music Store was quoted in saying, “INgrooves has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. I’m impressed by both their love of technology and their love of music. If all of our content providers were so adept and so pleasant I’d have less gray hair and a lot more pristine content ingested into iTunes.”
The Universal Music Group had this to say about their relationship with INgrooves. “Universal Music Group looked at a dozen of large and small companies to become the engine for the 2nd Generation of its digital supply chain infrastructure. It was quickly obvious that INgrooves had the perfect combination of advanced technology, tremendous scalability, and entrepreneurial approach. After two years, we are continuing to expand our relationship, and I remain impressed not only with the versatility of their technology but also the quality of their personnel.”
Even some of INgroove’s stars have spoken up about the tremendous work the company has provided for them. “Well it ain’t no big surprise that the music industry is changing in a big way – and trust me, I know big. We knew we had to be cutting edge as well as put out great music. After looking at the choices in digital distribution, INgrooves was the perfect partner for our first release. They had tons of experience and were flexible enough to work with a crazy country girl like me and I know we’ll have a ball making waves in the digital world.”-Dolly Parton

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2 Responses to INgrooves

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  2. Mr Radio says:

    I have to tell you sites like INgrooves aren’t new ideas – but they are improvements over the old ones.

    There are a ton of sites out there that distribute your music, and the beauty of these sites, like you stated, is that you don’t have to be on a major label to get major label e-distribution.

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