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Mozes is an online resource for connecting with fans through mobile phone interactions. It has created a way to communicate to fans in a permission based way other than emails. This resource allows its users to send updates to fans through their website in text messages, voicemails, and other mobile phone capabilities. They can do so without worrying about any types or spam or junk mail like an email list would cause. It also analyzes the fans subscribed to these mobile phone services and reports the information to the user of Mozes. It is integrated with almost all the social networks and can be used through those social networks in many different ways. Here is the front page of Mozes.

            Mozes was initially launched in April of 2006 and its original use was for gaining more information about a search subject through a mobile phone. Since that launch, Mozes has transformed into the largest mobile phone connection between band and fans today. In recent years some larger groups and business have experimented with the program that Mozes offers. The Portland trailblazers have adopted the program to inform their fans of upcoming games and different news of the athletes on the team. Various artists including Rascal Flatts have used Mozes in the past and all have given great reviews and have claimed an increase in followings through Mozes. In the last year, Mozes connected with over a million different cell phones and this number along with the entire business continues to grow quickly into the future.

Mozes is very famous for its mobile marketing.  Mobile marketing allows people to market to customers through text and multimedia messaging.  This service is becoming popular because it reduces spam and ensures the customers who sign up that they will not be bothered or charged money for unwanted messages. Here is an example of integration that Mozes provides that could immensely benefit an artist.

Mobile marketing allows you to have personal and constant contact when they sign up to be a part of your “mob”, meaning they signed up to specifically hear from you. Mobile marketing allows customers to directly engage with you. With Mozes, you can send people messages directly to their phone telling them about your event as it is going on.  You can send them a promotion number that they can redeem to get sales on merchandise, buy tickets for your next event, purchase special ringtones, answer trivia questions to win a special, once in a lifetime, prize, and do many other things. Compare this to sending them an E-mail that the customer might not read until the next day, or maybe even the next week.

Mozes has a special feature that allows you to see all of your different demographics. If you see that you have a big fan base of women in Detroit and another big fan base of men under the age of 30 in Seattle, you can send them two different messages to appeal to them. Many times E-mails that are sent try to please everyone but do not always appeal to everyone. E-mails just try to get the message across.  With mobile marketing, you can send different messages to appeal to your different types of fans.

            Mobile marketing is very important in today’s society because of the rapid technological growth of cell phones.  Nielsen reported that of 58 million US mobile subscribers have seen an ad on their phone, 51% of them responded back in some way.  There are now 267 million US mobile subscribers.  That is over 85% of the US population.  Text messages have gone up 450% in the past two years.  With this rapid increase in texting and technology, it would be outrageous to not invest in mobile marketing with Mozes.

            Mozes connects bands to fans with the aid of text messaging. There are many advantages to the strategy they use. Mozes reports a great amount of information to bands about the fans that subscribe to their services. One feature is that the location of fans is given to bands. This can let them know what regions would be good to tour in. Age and gender are also given to bands. These results are measured along with the fan’s likes and dislikes for the use of the artist.

Supplying a band with a return of investment, demographic, and area codes are other services provided by Mozes.  Return of investment helps bands know if what they are doing is helping or not. They can see how much growth or lack thereof is happening with their brand.

Bands are able to connect in a number of ways, not just through text messaging. While text messages are the main focus for Mozes, they also offer voice and live event services. With voice services, bands connect to fans on a more personal level. Fans can actually hear the voice of the artist or band they are interested in. This is the type of promotional tool that sets Mozes apart from other “connect to fan” services. With the live event feature, bands can have a big screen set up that displays a live feed of text messages sent from fans in the audience to the artist or anything else they want to say. This gets fans involved in the show while simultaneously collects telephone numbers of the fans. The band now has a way to keep in contact with their fans, granted they sign up for the service, and they can keep them up to date on shows and special promotions. And fans that do sign up for Mozes can rest assured that there would never be any spam sent to them or any hidden fees.

There are also disadvantages to using Mozes to connect to your fans. While text messaging is a great tool, it is still a fairly new feature. There are many people that do not have text messaging on their phones, much less free or unlimited texting with their service providers. This is a set-back that bands with a relatively old fan base in particular need to take into consideration. Another issue for bands to think about is the fact that, even if someone is able to text message, many people are leery of giving out their phone number or signing up for a service like this one. With many companies selling phone numbers to other businesses, it has given services like Mozes a bad name.

Since this is still a relatively new feature that fans have not fully engaged in, Mozes posted a couple of case studies to show the effectiveness they’ve had on particular artists. One example is using Keith Urban and connecting his fans to Clorox’s premier brands: KC Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce and Kingsford Charcoal. The main objective was to increase audience participation in national “Me, You, and BBQ” promotion. By using Mozes, fans integrated mobile into a national contest to win a backyard barbeque with Keith Urban performing and many other in-venue activities. The mobile integration engaged the audience/fans by providing call to action messages, where the fan can enter by texting their keyword or leave voice messages. The results came as follows:

  • Over 32% of participants in collective tour campaigns opted in the mobile fan list
  • Received a total of 550,000+ in mobile activity
  • Nearly half a million entries into the contest

Now to switch gears, here is how Mozes was able to accompany a business (without an artist). Digital Media Wire (DMW) publishes daily briefings on important new stories in the world of digital media, as well as announce some of the industry’s most prestigious executive conferences. The objectives were to enhance audience participation at these conferences and bring value to the conference attendees to ultimately create a more engaging experience. The key was to promote real-time audience interaction at these live events, which included call to actions like text-to-screen commenting, text voting for immediate feedback, text-to-win promotions, and photos-to-screen to engage audiences.

 This became such a huge success, that DMW decided to use Mozes’ services at all DMW events. As a result of a strong partnership together, they were able to accumulate 1,700 text comments and nearly 4,000 text votes in 60 conferences. Though Mozes is still relatively small and in its’ early stages, there’s no limit to how far they can advance. A simple way to further explain is displayed in this cartoon:

Overall, it seems like this type of service will become more widespread, due to the rapid advancements in technology, which enables “older” types to become more affordable. Mozes is ahead of the curve and testing the waters so that they can truly thrive in the near future. Sound interesting to you? Click below to start your own campaign!

Mozes Official Site
Keith Urban Case Study
Digital Media Wire Case Study

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