Nimbit is a web-based service focusing on direct-to-fan marketing.  Nimbit found a niche in the market for direct to fan marketing and career management.  Nimbit is an acronym for New Ideas in Music Business and Internet Technology.  Patrick Faucher and Phil Antoniades founded Nimbit in Farmington, Massachusetts.  Nimbit provides tools for independent musicians and independent record labels.  Direct to Fan offers musicians more control over their music, fan access, business, and career opportunities. Nimbit offers various services under one company.  Nimbit provides assistants for artist digital distribution, CD\ DVD manufacturing, warehousing and fulfills, payment processing, print services, and web design.  Nimbit’s digital distribution has substantial benefits and offers artists connectivity with iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, and many more.  Nimbit’s program design is to have all royalties recoupable by the artist.     Nimbit implements the UPC code, graphics, assembly, and wrapping for the artist merchandise.  Nimbit’s warehouse offers artists ways to fulfill consumer picks, packing, and shipments for merchandise.  Nimbit provides easy payment methods for fans by offering major credit cards and PayPal.  Nimbit processes all orders and manages payouts for artist.  Nimbit offers artist credit card machines for gigs.  The trend shows that many consumers purchase with credit cards.  Nimbit’s printing services are useful tools for artists.  Nimbit offer high quality promotional prints.  Nimbit also provide web design through partners.   ASCAP has claim to being the most forward thinking and valuable Performing Rights Organization.  ASCAP merger with Nimbit is viewed as being very forward thinking.  Nimbit’s program is the centerpiece for artists’ automatic websites and email promotion.  Now ASCAP merger has further the development of web tools for artists in need of an internet presence.  ASCAP has continued to emphasis career advancement through a variety of incentives.

At the beginning of their new project, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones discover the need for a fan database.  The band notices the importance of direct to fan access.  The band had not released an album for seven years without a fan contact list and discovered an inactive fan run Facebook page.  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones collaborated with Nimbit for the new album release.  The band developed ideas to recapture fans and to build a database with fan contacts.  The band also set a goal to sell VIP ticket bundles, market new album release, and to develop a foundation.  Nimbit provided professional assistance in the development of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones website.  Nimbit facilitated orders and easy pay methods for the band.

The London Symphony Orchestra noticed opportunities in the digital revolution for new marketing channels.  The Orchestra set a goal to increase presence and awareness through early listening samples and ways to purchase recordings.  Nimbit also helped the Orchestra to connect with 10,000 new fans.

Ellis Paul saw the benefit of direct to fan marketing.  Ellis Paul wanted to connect with 100,000 fans.  He felt they would be a great asset to promote his new record.  The strategy was to raise money for the record, allow fans access prior to release date, and allow loyal fans to assist in the promotions.  Nimbit helped Ellis Paul regain fans, gain donors, and setup a Facebook page to gain access to fans. Suzanne Vega decided to forgo the traditional promotional ways of a Record label in favor of Nimbit.  Suzanne Vega always went to the beat of her own drum.  Vega decided to tap new resources from Nimbit for promotion of her new album.  She felt Nimbit’s direct to fan marketing was enough to satisfy her needs.  Unlike traditional record companies, Vega found that Nimbit is a partner and collaborator for artists.  Musicians like Vega desire this type access of a partnership instead of the traditional record label style.

Due to the growth of the internet, recording artists searched for ways to utilize new advances in marketing.  The growth of social networks and the necessity of an existence on the internet is very substantial today.  The direct to fan market is also growing in substantial leaps and bounds over the year.  The artists/ fan relationship becoming more prevalent in today’s market.  The niche that a company like Nimbit found is vastly developing.  The access and tools that Nimbit provides are becoming increasingly significant.  Nimbit provides an online networking tool.  Many artists could not find access to these tools in the past.  Even well-establish artists are finding this as a better option to traditional labels.  Many labels do not provide benefits or tools like this for artist.  ASCAP had seen the great creativity and decided to develop a joint venture.  Nimbit has so many tools and continues to develop.  The success will continue as Nimbit grows.

Lloyd Taylor, Phillip Doss, Josh Campbell, James Echols

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