Taylor Freeman, Kevin Wood, Dallas Jackson

The transition to the digital world for the music industry has created a lot of problems and needs for new solutions. ReverbNation developed because websites like MySpace were taking advantage of the digital transition, but sites like these were not allowing artists and managers to take control of the potential information they could be getting about their fan base. MySpace was a website that helped artists put their music on the internet, but it was more geared toward the fans.  There was a need for a central location on the web for artists, managers, venues, and industry professionals to communicate and collaborate with each other. ReverbNation was launched in 2006 and has helped fill that need.

ReverbNation is a direct-to-fan website that is intended to be a one-stop shop for online marketing for almost anybody in the music industry.  ReverbNation utilizes widget technology that allows users of the website to spread information all over social networking sites and blogs. The company can help artists market to their fans, and track their fans to find information on their core fan base. RN has a digital distribution system that allows artists to have a central location to distribute their music to retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. It can also help venues and clubs to have a central location to post their show schedules.  Labels and managers can use RN to promote their entire roster.  It helps labels and managers assess their online marketing by tracking stats from other websites they are utilizing.  While helping people within the industry in their online marketing efforts, it also provides fans with a place to listen to music, follow artists, and find new artists.  RN is not necessarily a fan-destination site; however, a key component that makes RN such a successful marketing tool is that it utilizes the fans by allowing them to share information about their favorite artist’s all over the web.

ReverbNation’s innovative marketing approach allows the company to be a top contender when compared to other upcoming new media/marketing companies. Home to over 650,000 artists, RN offers affordable solutions that deal with marketing, promotional, and distribution functions; whereas some companies specialize in only one of the above categories, for example CD Baby with distribution. Numerous things such as free email marketing, digital music distribution, and technological advancements have helped propel ReverbNation into a top position.

RN’s FanReach email service is what grabbed many users’ attention. This helps the artist to better manage and communicate with their fan base, thus giving it a direct-to-fan appeal. When it comes to digital distribution, ReverbNation promises to be a force to reckon with. Another reason why they have a strong position in the marketplace is the recent addition of retailers including Pandora, Zune,, and others. None of the other competitors currently offer distribution to as many outlets as RN.

As technology has advanced, there have been many more promotional opportunities for artists and companies. The problem with this, however, is how to manage all the profiles used to promote the music and/or products. RN has an artist control panel acting as a “home central” database that has widgets, utilities, and statistics for the user to work with.

ReverbNation is an essential company that helps artists and record labels market and distribute their music to online retailers without worrying about royalties or rights. Through ReverbNation, artists and companies can sell their music through iTunes, Napster, Amazon, emusic, Pandora; networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook,; and various retail outlets like Wal-Mart for a small fee.  It is also appealing for artists because when distributing their music, they can include a widget that links fans directly to their website allowing them to purchase music and merchandise there. If the artist is selling it from their website, they can eliminate the middle man retailers and keep all the profits. ReverbNation helps the artist with their marketing and distribution without the trouble of joining several sites and spending money on all of the resources needed to connect with fans and consumers. They offer several simple tools to allow the artist and manager to reach the fans as well as the ability to arrange street teams to help spread their music into communities throughout the world. ReverbNation gives its members the benefit of managing their profiles from other sites with access to all major music networking outlets. It is an appealing promotional tool since it allows bands to advertise directly on the site with all members splitting 50% of the advertising revenue.

ReverbNation has consistently shown they can keep up with technological advancements in the music industry. By creating options for users and giving them more control than ever before, they have expanded into a premier one-stop shop for anyone in the music industry.


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