Mono vs. Stereo Records

by: James Freeman

Mono vs. Stereo is an independent label located locally in Franklin, Tennessee. It was established in 2002 and officially became a business in June 2003. It began with the compilation albumThe Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye featuring Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes, The Even Anthem, and the connotations featuring Taylor Muse. The name of this album was . Also released that year was Relient K’s The Vinyl Countdown and The Evan Anthem’s first album titled Prologue.

In 2004 Mono vs. Stereo had three major releases. Two EP’s by Andy Zipf and Chasing Victory, and then a full length debut album release by The Showdown a band from Elizabethton, Tennessee. The album was titled A Chorus of Obliteration. This album was a major success and would launch the bands career resulting in two more releases Temptation Come my Way, BackBreaker and a United States tour featuring a spot at Ozzfest. Temptation Come My Way would hit the Billboard charts at #191, and BackBreaker would climb all the way to #6. The Showdown has sold over 125,000 albums worldwide and continues to influence today’s metal bands nationwide.

The Showdown started off playing free shows after the local high school football game. These events were titled “The Fifth Quarter” and encouraged a drug free atmosphere. They would then play Johnson City’s top metal/punk venue: Heather’s Hideaway. This is where the band was discovered.

In 2005 MvS signed three more artists: Last Tuesday, Chasing Victory, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. In this same year the label released another compilation album entitled The Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye Part II. This album featured almost every artist signed to the label.

Bang! The Witch Is Dead – Maylene And … – 2005 – 3:30

The next year Mono vs. Stereo would sign two more artists: House of Heroes and Gasoline Heart. This same year the label would release yet another concept album called My Other Band featuring Relient K, Demon Hunter, Bleach, and Audio Adrenaline.

The next year the label would fall apart. Many of the before mentioned bands were signed to another label or disbanded. The only two remaining acts: House of Heroes and I am Terrified were moved to the parent label, Gotee Records.

When Mono vs. Stereo fell apart many of the artists moved on to other labels. Andy Zipf is now signed to Keep On! Music, Family Force 5 is on Tooth and Nail Records. Gasoline Heart moved to P is for Panda Records, House of Heroes went on to Gotee Records along with I am Terrified. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster went on to Ferret Music and The Showdown currently works for Solid State Records.

Mono vs. Stereo was eventually brought out of retirement in 2009. Relient K, a pop-punk indie band, bought the label and got the business up and running again. All of Relient K’s future releases will be put on MvS. The band has been searching for new artists and has recently signed one act to the label: Deas Vail.

Be My Escape – Mmhmm – 2008 – 4:00
Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been – Mmhmm – 2008 – 3:52


James Freeman
RIM 4810 – Inie Label History and Operations.
Prof. Dahan.
June 1. 2010.

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