Next Big Sound

By Laura Kutschenreuter

The new free and easy to use music social network website Next Big Sound (NBS) has been recently launched. The information of data gathered tells the artists tracking info of demographics and geographic activity of their fans.
NBS was found by Alex White, Jason Sosnovsky, Samir Rayani, and David Hoffman. This Boulder, Colorado based company was found in 2008. The founders of the company took an entrepreneurship class together. This class had inspired them to get inspired into a business. The first thing they did was go to a group of investors which helped them get a deal with Illinois Ventures Program. They were able to work for a summer and get their ball rolling for their business.
NBS has been launched at an important time. The most influential information for fans to get research for artists is via social network websites such as NBS. Co founder White, has done some research of this fact by touring with various bands one summer. For the various bands he created Twitter accounts. It didn’t take long for fans to subscribe to each of those bands’ Twitter accounts. Later, NBS was created by having customers subscribe to accounts.
Once an account is created it takes a week for it to be verified. Then when it’s verified that customer is able to receive early data such as new features.
Reliable info is gathered and tracked by more than 15 networks. Alex White talks about collecting data on this you tube tube video:
One of the most important issues is gathering reliable information. This website can be an important tool for fans and also people working within the music industry such as: artists, managers, etc.
Each week on their website a list of the 25 fastest rising artists are listed. NBS focuses on all artists major and underground. Co founder Alex White has had experience with underground music scene. He was a host for a radio show and is a musician.
Money is made from this business with the launch of their new product of Premier. Anyone who has a subscription to Premier gets a 14 day free trial. There are various levels of payment for this product ranging from $10-$65. This product compares artists to each other by looking at the genre and online activity. A chart with various spikes stating the success and downfall of artists is able to be seen by the subscribers. When there is dramatic changes to the spikes, email alerts are sent to that particular customer so they are aware of whats going on.
Information for the Premier product is gathered from blogs, news pieces, live performance, etc. It helps from sales stand point. What makes this website useful is being able to see data consolidated into one spot rather than searching various places for info. The customer is able to see graphs of online and offline activity of bands along with their fans activities. Another important feature is being able to see the fans geographic and demographic information.
All the data that is collected from the customer is safe and secure by using their company Secure Import. Data is analyzed on site and can help the musician know where they need to improve in their career with their fan base. Information on this website help tell who will be the next big thing.
The future for this company looks like it will be extremely successful. NBS has been very successful in the marketplace They have already been named one of Billboard’s Top 10 Digital Music Startups of 2010. They currently are working on getting predictive charts, keeping up to date with technologies and techniques to acquire analytical data. As of now, they do not have any international data possibly someday they might enquire in this.
In conclusion, Next Big Sound created a huge mark in the music scene. This company should be used as a marketing tool for musicians. It will aid in the growth of an artist’s fan base by the useful info of their demographic and geographic activity of their fans found on this website.
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