Breaking Ground with RootMusic

By. Ashley Moyer, Zachary Hughes

RootMusic is a musictech company founded in October 2009 by J. Sider. RootMusic is based out of San Francisco, California and uses Facebook to help promote new and veteran artists alike. RootMusic’s employees are passionate about music and improving the community for musicians in the 21st century, they live on the cutting-edge of technology and are always staying one step ahead of the competition.

The BandPage on Facebook allows fans to check out their favorite artists and offers such features as music players, video streaming, Twitter feeds, touring schedules, integrated photos from Facebook, downloadable tracks, biography and contact pages, and an integrated wall.

They use SoundCloud, a high quality music player that allows fans to stream songs at a fast pace and it’s easy to use for even the most technologically challenged music fan. SoundCloud moves music in three parts by receiving, sending, and distributing the music to fans online.

RootMusic is affordable for musicians of all levels because it has a free version that allows artists to customize their pages with songs, photos, and tour dates; while the $1.99 per month subscription fee allows customized colors and banners as well as tools for adding custom backgrounds.

RootMusic is perfect for people of all technology levels because they offer step by step tutorials of how to link the Facebook fan page to the RootMusic BandPage. The website also offers videos of how to customize and edit the BandPages with video, song clips, and photos making what would seem to be a fairly complicated webpage design user friendly. Even the most popular artists such as Tom Petty, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Rihanna use BandPage to stay on top of their fansites, this site levels the playing field for artists of all caliber making managing fansites simple and easy to use, which is why RootMusic has over 3.1 million clients already within their first year of operation.

RootMusic Tutorial

RootMusic also allows artists to collect performance royalties through the BandPage media player, which automatically pulls the track information off of the website. This allows labels to collect revenue from each song play on Facebook.

Founder J. Sider says, “For the past five months we have been going around the country asking musicians, managers, and labels what they are looking for, and that’s how we do it, its all about the music community. By utilizing the Facebook network musicians now have a way to represent themselves where their fans are, all the while getting paid for simply putting their music up for the fans to listen to.”

RootMusic already has some of the top trade magazines boasting of their product such as Billboard who wrote, “RootMusic is the most exciting of the new services that allows artists to do more with their social media pages.”  Even Facebook is taking public notice of their progress; Inside Facebook says, “RootMusic gives musicians a quick, easy way to set up band fan pages with the advantage of being on a much larger network.”

According to Billboard’s August 2010 edition, RootMusic is #6 of the Top Ten Digital Media Startups to look out for. There is no doubt that they are rapidly climbing to the top of the marketing world and with over 3 million users in their first year of operation and continual dedication to making BandPages the best they can possibly be, it seems they will be on top for some time to come.



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