Cyber PR

Cyber PR
By: Tabithia Cauthron

Cyber PR or Ariel Publicity is a New York based publicity company for indie bands and musicians. Not in New York? No problem, Ariel Publicity’s Cyber Pr campaigns focus solely on social networking and internet marketing to fit the needs of each individual band and the internet knows no borders. Ariel Publicity became Cyber PR in 2006, “the year of the blog” when the Ariel decided to ditch conventional publicity campaigns and go viral. Ariel Hyatt (owner of Cyber PR) realized at that point it was becoming harder and harder to get stories and interviews in conventional mediums despite the massive amounts of stories she had garnered in the past. On the other hand, Ariel found that the artists she represented were getting tons of coverage on the web.


Cyber PR begins by finding your specific niche and then focuses on connecting you to bloggers, podcasters, and Internet radio DJs that cover your niche. This type of focused web marketing gets your music to the people who are most likely to listen to it, love it, and buy it. Instead of getting a CD review in a magazine like Rolling Stone whose readers may or may not care for your style Ariel Publicity focuses on getting your CD reviewed in a blog that is specific to your genre. That means your review will be read by people who actually care about you and your music.

Ariel doesn’t use cookie cutter publicity plans. Each campaign is created special for YOU and your desired level of involvement. You are welcomed into the campaign process, and not only that you are encouraged to do as much as possible for your campaign. That doesn’t mean that Ariel and her team will do less for you, they always give their best, but the more involved you are in your campaign the more successful it is.

Many artists have tried the internet thing already. They know that everyone is doing it and so they should have a myspace just to have one, but their social networking never goes anywhere. Cyber PR teaches artists the value of social networking, especially twitter, which social network sites are best for those artists and how to reach their potential on those sites in a way the artists never realized was possible before.

I can hear you now though, you’re thinking the reason you don’t already have a publicist is because you can’t afford one. It is hard being an independent artist, and I respect that and so does Ariel.  A Cyber PR campaign costs a tenth of what a conventional publicist charges. With Cyber PR you don’t have to worry about paying once for the team’s work and another for their expenses, and then again for some other hidden costs. It’s one flat fee.  It’s not just Ariel that is talking up what a value her cyber campaigns are though, the artists she represents realize what a great deal they are getting and how much Ariel and her team do for them.

Cyber PR is successful and is the best at what they do and they are available. If you have questions, or ideas that you want to see become reality you can actually talk to Ariel and the team involved in your campaign directly. You can call them any day, make an appointment to see them, or send an e-mail and actually expect to get a reply the same day. Anyone who has been in the music business for any amount of time at all knows how important it is to be able to get in contact with their publicist and marketing team so quickly. Take that and add that Cyber PR will take your ideas into account when they are marketing you and you have a team that is invaluable to you. All of these services are also available through Cyber PR Urban which focuses on R&B and Hip Hop artists.

If you’re still not convinced that Cyber PR is for you then get Ariel Hyatt’s book, “Music Success in Nine Weeks” and take the challenge. You can get the book for $35 on Amazon which is a great price for a book that teaches you everything you need to know to: get prepared, pitch your music, optimize your website and social networking, connecting with your fans, and continue your program. Not only do you learn how to do all of these things and more but you also get free lifetime access to Ariel’s closed forum for musicians with the purchase of the book. This forum allows you to connect with other artists that have taken the nine week challenge and receive advice from Ariel and the staff of Cyber PR.

Do you just want one or two CDs reviewed and not a whole campaign? Never fear, Ariel Hyatt has set up a website, Review You, just for this purpose. Review You was set up in 2004 when artists couldn’t get just one CD review to add to their press kit. Now, thanks to Ariel you can focus only on getting your CD reviewed on one or more blogs for a low price and leave it at that.

All of these services give great incentives to artists to sign on with Cyber PR but there are amazing benefits for podcasters and bloggers too! Cyber PR offers podcast and blog safe music for all of you writers out there to use too. All you have to do is sign up for FREE using this simple signup sheet. By signing up you receive free music that has been cleared to use in your podcast or on your blog, but the benefits don’t end there. You also receive 24/7 access to all of Cyber PR’s artists, and downloads for music. You can also request interviews with the artists from your personal profile and will receive Ariel’s free newsletter and access to the facebook insiders group. The facebook group gives you exclusive mp3s, artist photos, videos, and news about the most recent signings. What really makes using Cyber PR represented music special for your podcast though is the availability for merchandise anytime. You can request merchandise for contest giveaways through your profile. If that wasn’t enough Ariel really makes it worth your while, by using the music offered by Cyber PR you get free publicity when Ariel publishes your podcast or blog in her newsletter.

Let’s recap, Cyber PR offers a tailor made campaign to fit you for a low flat fee with no hidden costs. With this campaign you learn your niche group and get coverage that goes specifically to those who want to be your fans. Your voice is heard and your ideas are made into reality, along with the availability of constant contact to your publicity team. Not only does the team work for you in marketing your music but they also teach you how to optimize social networking to benefit you. If all of this is too much you can get Ariel to connect you to a blog for reviews on a single CD or buy her book for the low cost of $35 that teaches you how to campaign for yourself. If you’re not a musician, it’s okay, because Cyber PR offers free podcast safe music, insider news, artist’s interviews and merchandise for giveaways on your blog, and then gives you publicity for using this free music. A Cyber PR campaign with Ariel Hyatt is really the way to go; you’re not going to get this kind of success anywhere else.  For more information visit:


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2 Responses to Cyber PR

  1. ariel says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words.

    – Ariel Hyatt

  2. Tabithia says:

    It’s my pleasure! I really love what you’re doing with Cyber PR and all the fun options you have! I’ve been watching your youtube videos and putting your great advice into practice for my own social media!


    – Tabithia Cauthron

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