Eventful: The search-engine for event discovery

By: Robert Sobieralski

Over the past decade, we have witnessed the birth of an entirely new form of communication via social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.  These sites and countless others have created an enormous on-line community where people can interact with each other in a fast and effective manner. With people spending more time on-line rather than watching television, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, the business of marketing and promotion, particularly in the entertainment industry, must to adapt itself to a new way of delivering its message to the desired audience. The success of an event always depends upon reaching the consumer and creating awareness. So how do you figure out where to focus your marketing efforts? Countless amounts of time and money are spent on marketing research to determine exactly where an event will flourish. Consumers nowadays are becoming more vocal about what they want and where they want it. Instead of simply reacting to the various forms of marketing, we have become proactive in our demands for entertainment, politics, and all other social media. People’s demands to be heard and connect with others through an on-line community have been answered by the website Eventful.com.

From entertainment, to philanthropic, to political, and everything in between, Eventful provides a platform for consumers to discover events in their local community. Eventful was founded in 2004 and is based out of San-Diego, CA. Founder & Chairman of the Board Brian Dear created the web-site for “event discovery”. He states in an interview with Socaltech.com, “The area we are very focused on is event discovery–helping people find out about events in the first place. I always felt that this was one area on the web that was really weak. There wasn’t any one comprehensive web site or service that you could go to and get comprehensive events–not just big stuff like movies and sports events, or big concerts and Broadway plays, but the proverbial “long tail” of events–covering everything in a community, whether that is family stuff, academic, business, or political–or whatever it might be”.

So what exactly does Eventful offer to its users? When you enter the home page, Eventful tracks your IP address to determine your geographical area. Popular local events, hotspots, and people who have an Eventful profile in your area are listed on this page. If you do not have a profile, you can create one for free. An Eventful profile allows you to bookmark your favorite local venues and artists. Don’t have time to choose every single artist you like? Eventful can import the names of your favorite artists directly from an iTunes or Last.FM account. Eventful will then notify you whenever a venue or artist you’ve bookmarked has an upcoming show via e-mail. Not only will you be notified about the event, a link will be provided for purchasing tickets through Eventful’s partner, TicketsNow. Eventful has also introduced an app so this information can be sent straight to your iPhone.

The days of waiting for your favorite artist to play a concert in your town are over thanks to Eventful’s innovative feature, Demand It!. Instead of griping with fellow artist enthusiasts, you can let your voice be heard by “demanding” your favorite artist to play a show in your city. Once a certain number of demands are cast for an artist, they will be notified and add a concert in your area. This feature has made it possible for both upcoming and established artists to focus their efforts on cities where they can maximize profits. Hip-Hop group Pretty Ricky based their entire 2007 tour based on Eventful Demand. This page also shows the hottest demands world-wide and the top 6 cities for each artist.

So if your an artist, how do you use Eventful as an effective promotional tool? With 15 million people world-wide using Eventful each week to plan their social calendar, artists and performers can promote their events to an audience far greater in size than traditional media outlets could ever achieve. It’s free to post events, but with more than 4 million events available to search through, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. Artists can opt to use a paid-service that provides prime-time placement in their market for 49.99 a week. Artists can then use the Performer Dashboard to communicate with fans and find out where they are in high-demand. With this feature, artists can send messages to fans within a 250-mile radius of the demanded-city about upcoming shows. They can also create a demand sticker to post on various social-networking sites where fans can directly cast a vote for their area. But wait, there’s more! Eventful also breaks down the artist fan base into various statistics that can help create an effective marketing strategy.

Since its creation, Eventful.com has become an established search engine for consumers to discover all types of social events in a particular area. It has created an on-line community where the power is shifted to the consumer by introducing the Demand It! feature. In turn, artists and performers can maximize their ticket sales by choosing cities where they know an audience is waiting- It’s a win-win for both fans and artists. Eventful has much more to offer than what was covered in this blog post, so if you want to know more, click here. In summary, Eventful.com will continue to grow as more people decide to take control of their social calendars and be proactive in the hunt for entertainment.


Eventful Review on appappeal.com

Interview with Brian Dear at Socaltech.com

Wikipedia Entry on Eventful


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