by Stephen Grand is THE website (blogsite) for anything and everything hip-hop and rap related.  It specializes in artist and industry news, updates, interviews, rumors, audio, video, and reviews of all sorts.  It is a designated agent for Cheri Media Group and is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.  The President and Publisher for is Sharath Cherian and the Editor-In-Chief is Jack Paine.

HiphopDX thrives on being fast and first on the scene the moment a story breaks.  This is done by the utilization of social networks throughout the site.  Currently, HiphopDX has around 8,000 Myspace friends, 24,000 Facebook friends, and over 32,000 followers on Twitter.  Twitter makes it possible for artists and labels to instantly communicate with fans via tweeting.  HiphopDX relays the tweets to the home and news pages of the site.  For example, when The Game tweets about being interested in a G-Unit reunion with 50 Cent, HiphopDX posts the tweet on the site and updates it when necessary.  Tweets can be sent directly to mobile phones, allowing fans instant access to their favorite artists.  However, constant updates and over excessive tweeting has caused fans to limit their access to artist tweets.  HiphopDX acts as an intermediary between artists/labels and fans for Twitter.  Rather than receiving several artist tweets on the cell phone, HiphopDX filters all the major news and retweets news to fans.  Users can comment on the newsbreaks and post their own reviews, comments, etc.

As stated before, everything on HiphopDX is hip-hop/rap related.  For instance, one of the first things to notice on the home page is the Smirnoff advertisement for a new reality show, Master of the Mix, featuring “8 episodes.  7 DJs. 1 Master.”  Right above the advertisement is a Full Sail University “learn more” tab.  Full Sail is a college in Orlando, Florida that specializes in music business and production.  Below the advertisements and promotions is the HiphopDX News section.  This is where all the major artist/industry news is located.  This section clears up rumors, notifies the web of new deals being signed, and interviews artists that recorded their first track since being released from jail (cough cough Lil Wayne).  Again, some of these news stories are formed from artist’s posts on Twitter and are updated throughout the week, as the stories get deeper.  But the most important features on the site are the Newest Singles, Album Reviews, and Features. 

HiphopDX allows upcoming artists and industry folk to gain exposure through the Newest Singles, Album Reviews, and Features sections.  The DXnext section features upcoming artists like Pittsburgh rapper, Mac Miller.  Here you can find his bio, music videos, and interviews.  But it is not all limited to rappers.  David Rousseau is a Miami-based music video director who has directed videos for T-Pain, Birdman, and Lil Wayne.  Along with showcasing his work, the interview explains how he got to where he is in his career and his future plans.   One huge feature on the site is an ongoing process.  It is the “30 Reviews in 30 Days” section, which reviews 30 albums in 30 days.  Not just limited to mainstream music, this review section covers independent and underground hip-hop releases.  Other reviews on this site include movie, television, and video game reviews.

Mac Miller – “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza”

This site is great for exposing new artists or rejuvenating older artist’s careers.  Not to mention, HiphopDX wants new material and things to cover.  There is a contact email for managers, publicists, and label representatives who want their artist to gain exposure, and also an email address for those interested in advertising on the site.  Another great feature on the site is the Internship section, which states, “We’re growing like mad and we need some interns!”  It has department descriptions and contact information for those interested in internship opportunities. will continue to be successful in the future as a way for new artists to gain recognition and old artists to gain coverage.  Social networks continue to improve and sprout up, making it easier for HiphopDX to sort through and organize information before dishing it out to the consumers.  In this technologically advanced world we live in now, we are accustomed to getting our news NOW, not when CNN or news stations broadcast it.  Nowadays, we can’t even count on television to deliver music news (I’m talking to you, MTV) so sites like HiphopDX are essential for industry news and updates.


-Stevie G

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