IndieClick – Zach Nachman

Zach Nachman


People today can get just about any media they want at their fingertips instantly, even free of charge.  Old methods of advertising such as commercials have been made nearly obsolete by illegal download and streaming media sights, pop ups are virtually extinct due to internet browsers coming standard with built in pop up blockers, and even radio’s advertising dollars have fallen prey to sites like Pandora and subscription based services like spotify and rhapsody. Everyone would agree that today’s market requires new and innovative thinking to survive; IndieClick has done just that.


IndieClick is a company started by Heather Lutrell in 2003 and based out of Los Angles California. Ms. Lutrell holds a B.A in economics from Scripps College. She also has experience working for American Express in the global interactive strategy department, as a senior consultant for the Law and Economics Group, a senior analyst for First Manhattan Consulting Group, manager of KPMG, and founder and CEO of Pangeea; a philanthropic company.


IndieClick does not do advertising for just music; they deal in movies, humor, fashion, nightlife, and gamer channels as well. They are very keyed in to what their target audience, adult males 18 – 34, want to buy. For example brands such as Shure and Hornitos have advertised with them as well as movies like Zombieland and Shutter Island. Even games like Left For Dead 2 and Grand Theft Auto, both extremely popular among their target market, have had adds placed on key websites to promote their product.


IndieClick works by using the websites that their target market goes to and advertising things that that same target market would be interested in. They advertise through high traffic sites like textsfromlastnight, icanhazcheezburger, and 200 other relevant media websites to target over 50 million 13 – 35 year olds. As you can see IndieClick has quite a bit of potential to reach a notoriously hard to reach audience on a mass scale. A company as in tune to the market as IndieClick will surely be around for a while to come.





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