Join the ReVEVOlution

What is Vevo?

Vevo is a music video website that serves over 1.1 billion people worldwide. Vevo is a joint venture of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Abu Dhabi Media, and EMI. Three of the “big four” record labels supply the site with its vast music video content. The site streams to roughly 60 million users each month. Vevo’s sleek design and unique features make it the best music video website on the Internet today. Vevo created a way for a site to offer free streaming of music videos to its customers through effective advertising on its web site and video player.

Since its launch on December 8, 2009, the site has grown in popularity and in the amount of content available, with somewhere around 20,000 videos available. Vevo offers many unique choices on how to view that content. When you land on the homepage you are presented with numerous ways to begin your video watching. They have a list of the most popular artists across the top of the screen. If Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga aren’t for you, then you can click to sort by video, artist, genre, channel, or playlist. If you scroll down the page you’ll see the ten most popular videos as well as the ten most popular playlists. 

Vevo's homepage.

Which brings us the the coolest feature of Vevo, the playlist. You can create your own playlist or you can watch other people’s unique playlists. Creating a music video playlist is easy and fun. Your playlist can be artist specific or just any of your favorite songs available on the website. You playlist(s) will be displayed at the bottom of your screen and you can play, skip, and pause any video at any time. The playlist bar will stay with you no matter where you go on the website.

The music video player on Vevo is wonderful. The site offers videos as large as 850×480 and all of the videos are of high quality. The only thing that a user would not find mildly annoying would be the advertisements that pop up when you click to play a new video. However, these are a necessary evil for the site to operate for free to the user. The advertisements generally run only a few seconds before your video begins to play. Along with playing high quality music videos, the player offers the user the ability to add the video to your current playlist and to purchase the current song iTunes or Amazon.

What’s next for Vevo?

Vevo is a strong company with a great team and product. They have all the tools to continue to grow in success. The only real problem that Vevo has content-wise is that the site still has not made a deal with Warner Music Group to allow them to host their music videos. The decision to syndicate with YouTube and Google is an intelligent way to draw new users to the site. Vevo was the first company of its kind to focus on the streaming of music videos and has enjoyed success because of it. Competition could be an issue but I find it hard to make a music video streaming website better than Vevo’s current model. Vevo’s competition comes from companies such as MTV, Warner Music Group’s videos hosted on YouTube, and internet radio stations like Pandora and Last FM. Vevo is a company with a bright and long-lasting future as long as the can continue to offer the best music video streaming website available. Do yourself a favor next time you want to watch a music video and join the reVEVOlution.

Written by Keith Herndon.


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