Kickstarter: Bringing Dreams to Life

            There are people all over the world desperately trying to launch their creative endeavor.  However, the absence of money often hinders them from taking-off. There is one website that is working to change that. Kickstarter is a funding platform that gives people the opportunity to bring their ideas, dreams, and aspirations to life.

            The concept of Kickstarter originated when co-founder Perry Chen had to cancel a concert he was planning to host in 2002 because he could not furnish the $20,000 that was needed. He realized there should be a more efficient way to raise funds for creative projects. In 2005, Chen met Yancey Strickler, who helped Chen get his idea up and running.  The two raised the $30,000 from family and friends that was needed to fund the Kickstarter platform, which was introduced in April 2009. 

           Since its emergence in 2009, Kickstarter has grown from a few founder-selected projects to thousands of artistic ventures waiting to spring forth.  All projects on the site are approved by the Kickstarter team.  Once approved, the creator of the project must set their own goal for how much they would like to raise and a deadline to raise the money by.  They can then start creating a pitch to convince people to pledge money for their project.  Creators can post videos, images, and the project description.  The stories behind the projects are usually what lead to success.  People are inspired to see others pursuing what they love.  Not only that, project creators also offer rewards for pledges, ranging anywhere from a hand-crafted “thank you” note to a 1998 Honda Accord.

            So what’s the catch?  Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding website.  Meaning, if the creator does not reach their goal by their self-imposed deadline, they do not receive the donations that were pledged.  That is why those who choose to donate money to a project are merely pledging the funds.  If the project creator does reach their goal, they obtain the funds and are able to proceed with their endeavor.  The all-or-nothing approach creates less risk for all those involved and also motivates people who are passionate about seeing a project succeed.

            Kickstarter is not only offering a way to fund creative projects—it also renders hope.  It gives artists of all types the opportunity to bring awareness to their projects, as well as the chance to make their artistic vision a reality.  No longer does the lack of funds have to be an obstacle for those attempting to put their ideas in motion.  In relation to the recording industry, Kickstarter can be a way for artists to jumpstart their musical career.  From raising money to fund a debut album to asking for donations to support an artist’s tour, the opportunities provided by Kickstarter are endless.  This innovative website gives musical artists the potential to enlist a loyal fan base while launching the next stage of their career.  Although Kickstarter is meant to be a funding platform for single projects, one accomplishment can lead to an infinite number of possibilities for creators. 

            It goes without saying that Kickstarter is truly bringing dreams to life.

            To find out more about Kickstarter, visit their official websiteFacebook, Twitter, or the Kickstarter blog.

Here is a video from Rocketboom which features interviews with Kickstarter founders Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler:

Written by: Monica Copciac



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