Make your connection with Mozes

By Katie M. Wilkins

“Mozes gives us a great way to help fans connect with their favorite artists through their mobile devices,” said Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.


“You have to have that drive to win, work hard and never settle.” That is the one quote that caught my eye while reading Chris Stacey’s, Vice President of Music Sales at Mozes, interview with Nashville Business Journal. Back in 2005 Chris Stacey founded Hurricane Interactive Promotions and sold it to Mozes, Inc. Mozes has become the leader in mobile interaction. Founded in 2005, Mozes became a fast growing process in the mobile field. Mozes became more than a mobile source, it has become a tool for music, sports, entertainment and causes.

Mozes customers are able to engage in the market using mobile technology with fans, artist, company promotions and sports interactively. With this market strategy customers are the artists, the company, or the fan interacting across different industries. Anyone can open an account and do business inter-connectively with new customers joining daily. There are a variety of different types of mobile communications that are used through Mozes; i.e., text messaging, voice messaging, mobile web, social media and smartphone applications.

The top two customer activities are entertainment and live events, such as Lil Wayne, Billboard, Rock The Vote, and Sony Music. Customers are able to have the experience in their own hands. The major user is the music industry. Mozes allows the user (i.e. artist) to connect with fans through live events and mobile messages (i.e. contests), which allows the mobile phone to be used to develop the experience. It gives the artist’s fan the excitement of personal connection from its favorite artist and to update them on concerts and ticket sales. One can interact with the artist leaving messages or voicemails on Keith Urban site. The entire process is free for the artist and the fan.

Because of the wide range of gender, age groups, locations, likes and dislikes, Mozes groups its audience in a process called “narrowcasting.” Narrowcasting is the tool they use to pinpoint the audience of the particular customers (narrowing their audience) to the promotion of interest. It is a campaign or part of a marketing plan for any customer using Mozes. They quickly and accurately measure the usage and interaction between customer and promotion.

Mozes is all about engaging with their audience and building relationships. It is all about making sure the audience enjoys what they see, and how accessible it is.

  • Their mission: “To connect our customers to billions of people at the points of inspiration.”
  • Their vision: “Mozes will be the best in the world at connecting brands and consumers on the mobile device around entertainment and live events.”
  • Their value: “Act with integrity to earn and maintain trust and Continually strive to deliver great experiences to customers.

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