MTSU Graduates Crowd Surf Their way to the Top

James Russell

Two devoted music lovers from the University of MTSU, Jade Driver and Cassie Petrey, are the proud founders of Crowd Surf. Crowd Surf is a New Media marketing company. With their impressive list of clients and their complete marketing plans, they are quickly earning a name for themselves in the music business. The company was founded in 2007 and has worked with artists like Britney Spears, Lifehouse, and even Bill Engvall. Crowd Surf offers a complete online service including web designs, fan club management, and online publicity. With the idea that every artist or client is different, they create these marketing campaigns based on whom it is for. Crowd Surf focuses on connecting the artist with the fans and making them feel very involved. It is apparent that their online strategies are quite successful and will continue to pave the road for future success for themselves.

The list of online services they provide goes on and on. Pretty much everything you can imagine that you could do for online marketing they offer. Since every artist is different and have certain needs to be met, Crowd Surf will mold a complete online marketing plan based upon that artist. Crowd Surf manages and creates fan clubs for their artists. Being the hardcore fans they are themselves, Jade and Cassie try to go beyond just having a fan base and create a more intimate relationship between the artist and fans. They have even set up contests for fans to participate in. For example they threw a contest for Britney Spears where you would have to follow her twitter and find puzzle pieces. Once you found all of the pieces you win an exclusive photo of Britney signed. They also offer services like designing artists’ websites or social media accounts to create awareness. Social media websites other than Facebook or Myspace are also set up for the artist too like Bebo and Hi5. The artist’s name is put out there as much as possible. Through these little things they have connected the artists with their die hard fans. Being Hardcore fans of music in general, connecting fans with their favorite artists is the company’s core value. The fans are out there. They just need to be found and this is basically what Crowd Surf does.

I took an extensive look at one their clients called Since Forever and the services Crowd Surf provided them. The official website they have is very simple and easy on the eyes. Links are provided to every network the artist is apart of. Even a link to their You Tube profile which is something I have not seen much of from other acts. Their You Tube profile has tons of videos of the band playing acoustic songs, covers from popular artists, and live footage.  This makes the fans feel close to the artist to such a degree where they feel like they actually know the members in the band.

For being in business for three years now, Crowd Surf has developed quite an impressive list of artists they have worked with. Ranging all the way from Britney Spears to pop-punk groups like Family Force 5 and Since Forever. They have also worked with acts like Bill Engvall, and Kevin Costner and Modern West. Crowd Surf’s online marketing plans are based upon the idea that every artist or client is different. The theory that every act has individual needs is essential for Crowd Surf’s clientele and is one of the main reasons to their success.

Since 2007, the two MTSU graduates have certainly made a name for themselves. Crowd Surf is quickly becoming a popular name in the online marketing world. From these big name acts I could only assume that Crowd Surf will have a bright future.


Interview with Jade Driver

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