Nah Right: The Correct Way To Follow Hip Hop

Posted by Eric Truby

How do you keep up with your favorite genre of music? Do you sporadically tune in to TV channels that rarely play anything music-related like MTV, BET or VH1? Do you read trade publications like Rollingstone, Billboard or Vibe that only provide you with a small part of the whole musical picture? Or, are you always the last person to hear about new music because you’re forced to rely on your friends to tell you what’s hot? Enough is enough.It’s time to take control of your musical experience. Wouldn’t you love to have a single place that you could visit daily and be reliably provided with information about everything important that went on in your musical world of choice? If you’re a hip hop fan, you’re in luck. This place is

Nah Right is a fantastic site that will single-handedly keep you in the loop when it comes to hip hop music. With dozens of songs, videos, interviews and newsbits being posted everyday, you are simply provided with everything you need to know in the most direct way possible. Founded in 2005, the blog was started by hip hop enthusiast, Eskay, after he was inspired by other similar sites that he found on the internet. Since then, it has become one of the best (if not the best) hip hop blogs out there.

Several key factors set Eskay’s site apart from competitors. One of the most obvious is the simplicity of its layout. In an interview, the blogger said that he had intended to redesign the site in order to make it much more flashy and impressive but decided not to after hearing feedback from his readers. “As time passed and the site got popular, a lotta people were like, ‘I like the simple layout. That’s a big factor in why I like your site so much,’” he told the folks at In hindsight, this seems to have been a very smart decision. The blog is set up in such an intuitive format that there is virtually no learning curve. You can preview and download a new song right then and there. Videos are imbedded and notable interview excerpts are transcribed in type below the corresponding audio. New users can navigate the site with almost as much ease as those who’ve been visiting it since its beginning.

Another significant advantage that Nah Right has is the quality and reliability of its content. “I’ve just tried to stay consistent with it since day one,” Eskay said in an interview with Format Magazine. For the most part, the man has done just that. Nah Right covers artists and music from pretty much every sub genre within hip hop music, without too much bias or discrimination (usually, see Lupe Fiasco). This is very important because it encourages fans of all kinds to visit the site. There’s something for everyone to either love or hate, all in one place and all at the same time.

Eskay’s obvious passion for the music he blogs about is also a big draw. This is immediately apparent when you read the comments he makes directly under the songs/videos/interviews he posts. He definitely seems to be an opinion leader and someone whose viewpoints should be respected. This fact alone gives the site a certain amount of inherent credibility. “I think hip-hop is in an interesting place. The mainstream stuff is probably 50 percent wack, 50 percent ok, but at the same time the indie scene is thriving. The Internet is playing a big part in that whole revolution and I think we’re going to see a huge shift in what the general public embraces over the next five years,” the blogger told Format. His desire to see good music get the attention it deserves far surpasses his need for petty fame or fortune. Because of this, visitors know that the opinions they get are honest and, for the most part, lacking in ulterior motives.

In summary, Nah Right has become one of the sites at the forefront of hip hop blog culture because it is easy to use, consistent and credible. These elements together make up a simple but extremely effective combination that has caught the attention of an extraordinary number of hip hop fans worldwide. It think it is safe to say that Nah Right will be a serious factor in hip hop culture for as long as Eskay wants to continue running the site, and I, for one, can say that I’m certainly glad about that.


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