Sonicbids: Internet Platform for Artists and Promoters

Jared Henderson & Dustin McCombs

“Our mission is to help create and empower an Artistic Middle Class through the use of innovative technology.  We see our website as a first step towards this mission. We want Sonicbids to be a place where any band from any genre anywhere in the world, can come to find and connect with any type of music promoter, licensor or broadcaster — easily, effectively, and quickly,” stated by founder Panos Panay of Sonicbids

How Sonicsbids began:  Panos Panay  came to America in 1991 from his home country of Cyprus to attend Berklee College of Music.  After quickly realizing he was more of a business man than a musician, he began focusing on the business aspects of the Music Industry.  This led to an internship at a prestigious Boston talent agency, earning Panos his lucrative gig as vice president of the International Division at Ted Kurland Associates.  In no time, Panos Panay found himself booking all the Ted Kurland’s European tours through his agency, including many of his musical idols, such as Pat Methany, Chick Corea and Sonny Rollins.

Panay’s business plan was to make Sonicbids a place where a musicians from any genre of music, any where in the world could easily find and connect with any type of music promoter, licensor, and broadcaster.

What motivated Panos to start Sonicbids was that he thought it was unfair that only a small portion of privileged and financially stable bands could reach prestigious  booking agencies throughout the industry.  “Going the traditional route, booking agents are always focused on bands that can guarantee a certain amount of money.  At Sonicbids, we define our vision as empowering that new class and using the technology to level the playing field… Creating a platform with fewer barriers to exposure and success, has been our goal from day one,” said Panay

How Sonicbids works:Sonicbids helps provide bands with the ability to find promoters, electronic press kits (EPK) and potential gigs.

Searching for promoters: Sonicsbids offers over 19,000 promoters and licensors searching for new, potential talent. As stated previously, there is a large diverse range of performance, licensing, and broadcasting opportunities.

Making your own EPK: Sonicbids offers promoters with the info they want, the way the want it, by helping attain EPK’s for artists and bands.  Information provided by the EPK range from topics such as: Who you are through band members and bio, what you look like with full color photos, what you sound like, with mp3s and video, and where and what your playing with set lists and touring dates.

How to get a gig: If you are band looking into any aspects of the industry, such as touring, submission of your music for film and television placements, contests and competitions and booking for major festivals, Sonicbids can help. They offer artist or musicians these opportunities with fewer barriers separating them from promotion and success as artists.

Tracking your Buzz:  Sonicbids has plug-ins that allows bands to “track buzz” through MySpace friends and plays, plays and listeners, Twitter and Google Blog.

The future of Internet booking, promotion, broadcasting and lincensing is essentially the future of the industry. Sonicbids has recognized the ramifications of the new digital era, and the impact that it will have upon the industry. Sonicbids is taking major strides in expanding its marketing arms toward new horizons. These strides prove to be evident in the recent aquiring of ArtistData. This move shows that Sonicbids will not only be connecting aspiring musicians to promoters and providing them with EPKs, but will also help artist promote their shows after they have been booked. This will add some 25,000 new musicians from ArtistData to Sonicbids’ already existing 245,000.

Sonicbids has become a leading internet platform for thousands of artists, bands and promoters. As stated in their business model, they have begun bridging the barriers toward easy exposure and success in helping artists reach their goals. Sonicbids has ignited relationships between artists and promoters via an Internet platform making it easily accessible to musicians and industry enthusiasts  around the world.

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