uPlaya.com by Connor Fenoglio

Do you have the passion to be a hit songwriter? Have you finished a couple songs you think that could top the charts?  If you answered yes, then I have just the website for you.

Uplaya.com has everything you need as a songwriter to see if you have a hit song.  Not sure if you have a hit song?  That’s ok! uPlaya has a patented Hit Song Science technology that can analyze any song’s hit potential.  The higher your score, the more potential the song has to be a hit.  The creator of this technology has helped Nora Jones win a Grammy award by using this new technology.

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur in the music industry and is most known for having pioneered the science of hit song prediction using acoustic analysis software to analyze the underlying mathematical patterns in music.  He created a company in 2005 called Polyphonic HMI which was renamed to Music Intelligence Solutions, which later launched the website uPlaya.com.  The company is based out of San Francisco, CA with other offices in Savannah, Georgia; and Barcelona, Spain.

This technology has been proven to work.  Many in the music industry agree that this new type of technology has real potential to help songwriters around the globe.  The Economist states, “This surprisingly accurate technology could profoundly change the way music is created.  High music-intelligence scores can help convince notoriously risk-averse and it’s-who-you-know record labels take a chance on new talent.”

Although this is a great website to use this hit song technology, you still have to pay for monthly subscriptions which is priced reasonably.  Plus, they allow you to have a limited trial, which is fantastic, and you are able to upload two songs for free.  Once you have uploaded two songs the songs are then rated and you are given an Auddy award.  A Platinum Auddy denotes clear mathematical hit potential.  A Gold Auddy means that the song you have created has the same mathematical patterns of songs that have become hits in the past.  A Silver Auddy is awarded to a song that might need extra promotion to become a commercial success.  UPlaya also has widgets to help you promote your newly awarded song to other websites and your friends using social media, such as Facebook.  There is also a tab on the website that lets movie supervisors and television producers have access your songs on uPlaya.

Through innovations in technology, Music Intelligence Solutions has broken away and become a leader in the field of digital music and media discovery.  The company earned first place in the second annual The Startup Competition presented by La Red Innova.  The criteria for the competition were based on innovation, creativity, and potential for success.  Music Intelligence Solutions Inc. has a bright future and now passionate songwriters have a tool to help them get to the top.







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