And The Winners Are…

Below are the blog posts from Middle Tennessee State University’s Recording Industry students in either RIM 4620 (Marketing of Recordings) and/or RIM 4810 (Independent Labels) with the most hits.   The scoring was based on data from and WordPress, the posts that were retweeted, syndicated, commented upon, added to an RSS Feed, etc.

I, their professor, am proud that many of my students did an excellent job adding to the knowledge base of the music business and many of them were shown appreciation by the executives and/or employees of those organizations (i.e. New West Records, AllAboutJazz, TuneCore, Music City Networks, Arts & Crafts Records, Rounder Records, BigChampagne and Pandora).

1.  Big Machine Records by P. Caitlin Jones

2.  All About Jazz by Marshall Taylor

3.  Arts & Crafts Records by Mitchell Petty

4.  Tunecore by Joshua Simon

5.  XL Recordings by John Bell

6.  New West Records by Mallory Grooms

7.  BigChampagne by Ben Scheffler

8.  Music City Networks by Colin Moon

9.  Rounder Records by Kyle Mahoney

10.  Cyber PR by Tabithia Cauthron

As an aside, the following older student posts were also in the top 15 pages:

1.  Facedown Records by Lauren Paschal

2.  iLike by Maggie Hill, Tyler Hudson, Josh Rogers & Frank “Deep Fried” Walters

3.  Merge Records by Laura Rogers, Nathan Toth, Kelly Townsend & Katie Word

4. Saddle Creek Records by Kyle McCormick

5.  INgrooves by David Shaw, Christina Rieder, Paul Garboczi & Coy Leach

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