Broken Bow Records by Ryan Warren

One might believe that after hearing Jason Aldean on the radio, he would belong to a major record label.  Releasing hit after hit, Jason Aldean is a strong driving force to the Nashville country music scene.  Aldean actually belongs to Broken Bow Records, an independent record label.  In 1999, Benny Brown had a vision for the country genre business and founded Broken Bow Records.  Coming from a declining music business, Broken Bow Records found a way to put their name on the map.  Developing country artists early on in the Nashville scene, Broken Bow Records recorded artists such as Joe Diffie, Randy Owen, and Chad Brock.  Broken Bow also owns Stoney Creek Records, a Broken Bow sister label, which was launched in 2009 and features artists such as Crossin Dixon and Thompson Square.

The first major success for Broken Bow Records began with recording artist Craig Morgan.  Broken Bow and Morgan worked together to create the first wave of successful independent country music in a while.  Morgan’s hit Almost Home from the album I Love It sold nearly 300,000 copies.  In 2005, Morgan’s album My Kind Of Livin sold 418,000 in which the song That’s What I Love About Sundays was number one for five weeks straight, marking it the most played country song of 2005.

Morgan’s third album Little Bit Of Life was the final album recorded by Broken Bow in 2006.  The album shipped more than 200,000 copies to retailers on the first week.  Broken Bow felt like they could repeat themselves with a new uprising country act, Jason Aldean.  “Knowing that when the history books come out in [later] years that Broken Bow Records and Craig Morgan and even Jason will be in those books, that’s a pretty neat thing,” Morgan states after all of the hard work and success Broken Bow brought to the table. [1]

With five number one singles and countless number of awards including “Top Male Vocalist in 2006” and “Male Video of the Year in 2010,”  Jason Aldean proved himself as a very successful recording artist with well known hits and countless radio plays and album sales.  Hicktown, Aldean’s first single, was released in 2005 ranking a number ten spot in the country charts.  Aldean also had a number one hit with Why from the album Jason Aldean. The 2005 album as well as the 2009 album both received a platinum rating from the RIAA.  Aldean’s album Wide Open sold 813,000 and included number one hits such as The Truth, She’s Country, and Big Green Tractor.  Aldean’s present album My Kind Of Party received a lot of recognition with the single Don’t You Wanna Stay featuring Kelly Clarkson and eventually became Aldean’s fifth number one hit.  Aldean also recorded Dirt Road Anthem which was previously recorded by two other independent recording artists, Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert.  With the amount of success Aldean has obtained, Broken Bow still remains as professional and driven from when they first started.  “Other labels want to steer the ship and they [Broken Bow] let me do what I want, they have a very good team, and I have no complaints,” says Aldean. [2]

Jason Aldean talking about his success with Broken Bow Records:

Brad Howell, the general manager of Broken Bow, believes in keeping the label alive bystating, “We have artists that are very talented and hard-working, and a staff that’s experienced.  You have to have all those things for an indie to break through and sustain success.  Everything has to work together in harmony.” [3]  Being a successful label, Broken Bow Records will always strive to maintain the creative image that they have made over the years.  Broken Bow offers their artists the amount of artistic freedom needed in order to establishing further success and longer lasting relationships.








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