Tomas Doncker: The Power Of The Trinity by Desiree Blevins, Sam Kerley, & Jessica Dover

Since the beginning of the Fall 2011 Semester, the Cyber PR ® class at MTSU has been working in conjunction with Ariel Publicity helping several artists create and expand their online presence. Our group, which consists of Jessica, Desiree, and Sam have been working with Tomas Donacker a Singer, Songwriter and Producer who just released his latest album at the beginning of November.

Although, Tomas has been making music for the last 20 years, this assignment was to help him gain an online presence and promote his recently released album Power of The Trinity. The album which has an “afrobeat and soul” feel to it also incorporates a heavy Ethiopian vibe. In fact, Tomas credits Selassie who was a defining figure in the Ethiopian society, as a prime influence of the album.

Power of the Trinity video contest

For Tomas Doncker’s Youtube contest we decided to use an idea that Tomas was already doing called “From The Couch” and created a contest. Originally Tomas would post a video on Youtube every once in a while of him sitting on a couch and jamming out to music. There was so much opportunity for Tomas to engage his fans but it was left untouched so we took it upon ourselves to come up with a way to engage his fans. We did this by creating a contest that asked the fans to upload a video response of themselves rocking out to one of Tomas’ songs, hopefully using a song from his new album, Power of The Trinity. We invited them to do this through Twitter and Facebook. Below is a video explaining what the fans need to do!

Tomas Video Contest

Once the fans upload their video we will take the videos and add them to his Facebook status’ and tweet about their activity. We will add content on all of his social sites regularly promoting the contest, especially when it gets down to the last week. Tomas will upload a new “From The Couch” video each week to keep it them consistant and keep fans coming back. Thus ultimately giving him the opportunity to create more content and engage with his fans about the contest. The “From The Couch” contest will officially run from the 24th of November to the 5th of December. Tomas will pick a winner on the 7th of December and the prizes (signed CDs) will be sent to the winners (up to five people involved).


Another project we took on was creating content for Tomas’ facebook.
For the Facebook aspect of the project, we did some research on how our artist usually posted, which was not as often as we would like, and created some content for him to upload. Most of this content included posts about the video contest we created for him. Other posts included the typical day-to-day goings on in his life, like the music he is listening to and where his inspiration from this album has come from.

Want to know more about Tomas? Visit him at the links below!

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