Daniel Levi Goans Project with Holly Cunningham, Zac Ingraham, and Justin Stutzman

Daniel Levi Goans

After seven years of touring and writing with Nashville based outfit The War, Daniel Levi Goans recorded Choice Cannonballs in the heat and humidity of a North Carolina summer in the very basement where he discovered his love for playing music as a child. His early explorations of the piano evolved into an attempt to capture the rich tradition of American folk. The songs are stripped down tributes to the folk storytelling tradition with sparse soundscapes that evoke the feverish density of the summer in which it was recorded.

Daniel’s second solo release, BrotherStranger, looks into the loneliest moments of human experience with a piercing gaze that weaves them into a place of tenderness and safety. These meditations are nestled in a poetic cadence that resists modern cynicism and fragmentation while harkening to a place in our hearts and our heritage that recognizes the sacred nature of narrative. Intrusive in his hope and with penetrating confidence, Goans leaves a peace in the footsteps of his voice, a suggestion that while beauty is often well hidden, it is freely found.

As members of the Cyber PR ® class at Middle Tennessee State University, Daniel’s team, consisting of Holly Cunningham, Zac Ingraham, and Justin Stutzman, has undertaken three main tasks in order to improve Daniel’s social media presence and increase his fan base. Together, we aim to develop a functional, professional website for Daniel, streamline Daniel’s Facebook fan page, and increase Daniel’s placement on podcasts. 

Website Development

Daniel’s main website was non-functioning in a lot of ways when our team began to work with him. Between his hopes and our team’s abilities, we came up with a short list of simple changes to the page to increase its functionality and effectiveness as a marketing tool, which we anticipated being able to complete in two weeks. These included:

    • Fix broken links
    • Update images and video
    • Improve the aesthetic appearance
    • Eliminate unnecessary clutter
    • Add comment sections to inspire two-way communication

One unexpected complication arose when we began to work on the seemingly simple changes which delayed our timeline on this aspect of our project considerably. Daniel’s previous web host was less than adequate to make an attractive and reliable web site, so with Daniel’s permission, we led him through the switch to a better host. Daniel knew from previous experience that this was likely to be necessary, so he was very understanding of the entire process. It essentially required us to start his website from scratch, and there were a number of complications that required quite a bit of time talking to customer service, but slowly the new page is coming together. As of now, we anticipate the page being completed by the beginning of next week. After which, we will announce and promote the improvements through his Facebook and Twitter, as well as make Bloggers and Podcasters aware of the improved accessibility, which will increase traffic to his site and increase awareness and sales.

Facebook Streamlining and Fan Acquisition

Daniel’s Facebook page has been “cleaned-up/streamlined,” to borrow his words. We kept in constant contact throughout the process, and we were able to do all of the things (and more) we outlined in the Week 1 and 2 section of our Facebook strategy with his approval and comments.

We have:

  • Made Daniel’s Rootmusic Bandpage the Welcome Tab on his Facebook page
    • This feature is only available to people who have not liked Daniel’s page. Once they have, they are automatically directed to Daniel’s wall when they visit his page. This is a permanent Facebook feature and cannot be modified.
  • Updated the content on Daniel’s fan page
    • Added a newly edited picture on Daniel’s Rootmusic page
    • Added a tour date (only one show is scheduled for the near future) to Daniel’s Rootmusic page and Bandsintown app
    • Added Youtube/Vimeo videos to Daniel’s Rootmusic page
    • Added pictures (live shots, album covers), which show up on Daniel’s Rootmusic page and Facebook Photos app
    • The ability to post directly to Daniel’s Facebook wall through the Rootmusic page is available once a fan likes his page. This is a Rootmusic page feature.
    • Added Daniel’s bio and website links to his Rootmusic page
    • Edited song titles and added the rest of Daniel’s album BrotherStranger to his Rootmusic streaming player
    • Added Daniel’s James Taylor cover, “Close Your Eyes,” to his Rootmusic streaming player
    • Added Daniel’s song, “9.17.11,” to his Rootmusic streaming player
    • Enabled six of Daniel’s songs to be downloaded by people who have liked his page
    • Renamed the Rootmusic page to “Listen”
  • Removed Daniel’s “Shop Now!” Facebook app and replaced it with Bandcamp’s new Facebook app
    • This app works exactly like the website and now serves as Daniel’s online store.
  • We have also enabled the Autoshare function of Daniel’s Rootmusic page, something that was originally planned for later in the semester.

On November 12th, Daniel received an email that updated him on how this part of the project has been going and what direction it would take over the next few weeks. The email explained that we would be carrying out the steps outlined in our marketing strategy document under Week 3 through 8 for the Facebook section. He replied on November 16th, so we began the next phase of our work: liking the pages of other musicians with similar target markets to Daniel. We plan on regularly liking new bands, sharing a post from each band’s Facebook page, and tagging the band in the post as we do so. We will also be sharing some of Daniel’s content periodically with his fans on Facebook. Our email ended by stressing to him the importance of direct, personal interaction with fans on his page. We want to make sure the posts on his fan page seem genuine, and it will help if he personally participates as much as possible.

Here is a picture of Daniel’s Facebook fan page:

Podcast Pitching

  • On November 11th, we received the How-To-Guide for searching podcasts
  • On Novembr 13th, we received the sample pitch for Daniel
  • On November 16th, we sent out an email of my two podcast pitches for Daniel
  • Daniel and Ashley both have approved the pitches.
  • We emailed my pitches on November 17th
  • Podcasts we have pitched Daniel to:
    1. FolkAlley.com
    2. FolkCast.co.uk
    • We will pitch Daniel’s music to two podcasts per week.
    • Hopefully within the next month that will result in me doubling his podcast placement, which was a goal for our marketing campaign
    • After speaking with Daniel, this week our main focus will be creating a perfect pitch for http://www.daytrotter.com
    • Below is a screenshot of our pitch for Daniel to Folk Cast

Daniel’s Student Team:

  • Holly Cunningham
  • Zac Ingraham
  • Justin Stutzman

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