Team Jenn Bostic: Alicia Adams, Britney Simmons, and Susanne Smith

Jenn Bostic Change

Artwork for Jenn's new EP! Click on it to go to her website.

We feel blessed to be able to work with the wonderful and talented Jenn Bostic this semester. She has taken our advice and run with it, yielding some great results! Here are those results, broken down by social media property:

-Likes have increased from 1963 to 2221
-Conversations have increased from 99 to 174

From our very first communication with her, Jenn has worked to diversify her Facebook content, and it has paid off! We love how Jenn has been promoting her brand new EP! She has really shown her personality on her updates and has gotten all her fans very excited for the release because she sounded excited! We love her status when she asked what everyone’s favorite song was on her EP because that is a call to action and will hopefully result in more interaction with her fans. We also love her recent update with the Audrey Hepburn quote. It had nothing to do with her music but simply showed her fans a different side. She received 17 likes from that one status! We also love that Jenn has been thanking her fans and also thanking (and linking to) those we feature her in articles or blogs, etc.

-Followers have increased from 1539 to 1592

We are SO proud of Jenn especially when it comes to Twitter. She has done a fabulous job becoming more interactive on Twitter. She also took our advice and is @replying with the retweet! When I looked at her Twitter today, she was retweeting fans’ tweets who were talking about her EP and then she commented back to them on top of the RT. This is fabulous because it allows followers to see her love for her fans and allows them to see what others are saying about and to her!

Jenn Bostic Klout score, Nov. 22

Her Klout score from her Twitter usage has increased since we have been working with her.

Jenn Bostic Klout true reach

Jenn's true reach, according to Klout, has increased by about 10% since we began working with her.


-This video has surpassed 32,000 views on YouTube.

She also uploaded a video diary that has only had 60 views but was posted and shared on Facebook and Twitter! The updates with Tiffany Thompson about their December tour have been viewed more. Even though there has not been a crazy amount of views, those fans who watched it definitely learned more about Jenn and saw more of her personality! Overall, Jenn has been an amazing artist to work with. The day we sent her our plans, she immediately began following our advice and her numbers have increased! We are so proud of her and honored to be working with such a talented musician.

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