With a name like Broken Bow Records most people would shy away from it, but Broken Bow is anything but Broken! Today Broken Bow is one of the most successful Independent record labels on Music Row. With artists on its roster as James Wesley, Kristy Lee Cook, up and coming Dustin Lynch, and their most successful independent artist Jason Aldean who has had a total of six number one country hits, with songs such as “Hicktown”, “Why”, and “Amarillo Sky” just off of his debut album that was certified Gold in 12 weeks and soon after was certified Platinum.

Benny Brown, (President of BBR), started broken Bow Records in July of 1999. He located it in the heart of Nashville, TN. on Music Row. BBR is a successful independent record label that specializes in country music. In 2005 Craig Morgan became the first artist to have a number one record though BBR, with the song “Thats What I Love About Sunday”. Benny Brown and his label are a great example of how the music industry is not Broken with an artist like Jason Aldean, and up and coming Dustin Lynch. They have proven that they are able to support themselves, allow their artist to be independent just as the label is, and most importantly they offer what the listeners of Country Music want, which is a rock and roll edgy style of country!

Benny Brown also proved to everyone that the music business is not dead by actually expanding his current record label. With the creation of Stoney Creek Records, which was established in March of 2009 Benny quickly saw success come from it. With the duo Thompson Square, and their song “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Our Not” which hit the number one spot in 2011. Also on the SCR label are Randy Houser, Parmalee, Lindsay Ell, and Ash Bowers.

BBR not only focusses on its artists, but also looks for ways to promote its current employees, and even hire new faces that will bring light to the so called dark days of the music business. Just last year BBR promoted its current employee Clay Henderson to the position of Director of Sydicated Programming. There he is in charge of both the Broken Bow and Stoney Creek imprints. His promotion stated by Sr. VP Jon Loba that, “Clay’s skill-set and work ethic fit perfectly with what we envision this position ultimately encompassing.” Broken Bow also employed Scotty O’Brien to perform the duties of Promotion Director. Sr. Vp of Promotions Carson James stated that, “Scotty’s enthusiasm, invaluable radio experience and his love of music make him the perfect fit for our team as we move into the next chapter of BBR.”

To conclude once again Broken Bow Records is not part of this broken music business that everyone keeps saying. In fact they are one of if not the hottest Independent Record Labels in country music right now. I am sure that they will continue to grow till the sky is the limit!!


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