Big Machine Taking Big Strides into the Future of the Music Industry by Nicole Boon

Big Machine Records is unlike any other independent label, and they like it that way. Founded in 2005 by the brilliant Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Records has always liked to be out of the box thinkers and innovators in the industry. They have also created two labels within BMLG such as Valory Music and Republic Nashville.


Big Machine has an incredible roster of artists such as Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, Reba Mcentire and Martina McBride. Now joining this amazing powerhouse is the one and only Tim McGraw.


Tim McGraw’s presence at Big Machine will only increase in the BMLG takeover of the industry. stated, “McGraw and Borchetta initially signed the new deal at Nashville’s Greyhound bus station to symbolize the new beginning. Tim had arrived as a young man from Louisiana with a suitcase and guitar in hand some 20 years before by Greyhound. One of the first people in the music business McGraw was to meet in Nashville was Scott Borchetta’s father, Mike. Mike Borchetta was the man responsible for signing Tim McGraw to Curb Records.”

I absolutely love the way Borchetta thinks, this is the reason he is as successful as he is! To take Tim back to his roots to sign this new deal is storybook creative, I love that about him.  He also brings people back to reminding them, as large and powerful as Big Machine is, it is still an independent label.

“Tim McGraw is front and center here. With our artists, it’s about them – not about us. It’s about his vision and his partnership. He’s going to have a very defined say in how his music is presented, which he didn’t have at the end of his last deal.” -Borchetta


Not only is Big Machine signing new artists to its roster, they recently made history in a new way- making a deal with Clear Channel Radio to pay royalties to the artists. Rolling Stones reported on this story,

“(BMLG) will collect a royalty when its songs are played on a Clear Channel station. Clear Channel is the biggest radio broadcaster in the U.S. and the deal is unprecedented, marking the first time a record company will gain royalties from radio play. Previously in the U.S., radio companies paid songwriters and music publishers, but not the label.

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This is one of the biggest steps an independent label has taken for the music industry- not only does it change the way artists are paid royalties, but it changes the way independent labels view their own voice. Independent labels have the power to make significant changes like this, they are the future of the music business and this is only the beginning of the “indie takeover”.


I truly believe this is the first step of many changes being put into practice by independent labels like BMLG that will take what people are calling a “dying industry” and put it back on top. Although the industry is changing, all that matters is that you change along with it and evolve to stay relevant and profitable. This is exactly what BMLG has done, and will continue to do in the future. I cannot wait to see the next move they are going to make, knowing BMLG- it is going to be a big one.


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