Imagine walking into a dark East Nashville basement to loud music, sweaty people, a flannel explosion, and enough PBR to kill a pack of elephants. Once you’ve decided to not turn around and run, you will most likely be hearing the music from one of the Infinity Cat Recordings artist.

Infinity Cat is the brainchild of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, who collectively make up the two-piece grunge/garage outfit known as JEFF the Brotherhood. Based in Nashville, TN, ICR harnesses a roster of roughly 15 bands now. They started the operation that would eventually be Infinity Cat Recordings while they were in a band while in high school and middle school. On the way out of their shows, they would have a sign-up list where you could put your address and name down. With a $5 donation and this information, they would send you a recorded copy of the show. Along with the help of their Dad, Robert Ellis Orrall, who himself is an accomplished singer-songwriter and producer, their success of getting music to their fans led them to form Infinity Cat Recordings.

JEFF the Brotherhood

Infinity Cat has been a staple in the Nashville music scene since 2002. While being the sole members of the most recognizable band on the label, the Orrall brothers went out and found the music that they liked, and signed them to their label. Among these bands are Pujol, Heavy Cream, Natural Child, and Diarrhea Planet. Yes, Diarrhea Planet. This March, The Guardian, a U.K. news source, posted a collection of the top 10 bands to check out that are stemming from Nashville. Within this list of 10 bands, there were 6 that are on the Infinity Cat roster. In May, The Rolling Stone posted an article on the new release from Pujol, along with a link to stream the entire album before it was released.

Daniel Pujol, of Pujol

Joining this great publicity for Infinity Cat comes new outlets for the music to be heard. Last May, JEFF the Brotherhood signed a deal with Warner Music Group that would give the band global distribution through the conglomerate’s Alternative Distribution Alliance and Infinity Cat a place among WMG’s Independent Label Group. Robert Ellis Orrall released a statement on this joining of forces, and said:

“Just to be super clear, Infinity Cat is still a completely independent record label, distributed by ADA for the upcoming JEFF The Brotherhood release We Are the Champions. Future Bro-hood releases will be under the Warner/ILG umbrella. As far as the rest of the roster is concerned, we will continue to act independently, and we hope to build on that relationship, one band at a time.”

Having such an impact on a music city comes with having pretty cool friends. JEFF the Brotherhood’s new release Hypnotic Nights, which is due out in July, was produced by Dan Auerbach, the front man for the band The Black Keys.

Even though they have been around since 2002, new things are popping up all over the place for this relatively young label. With the signing to Warner Brothers and the national publicity through The Rolling Stone, the future seems brighter than ever for Infinity Cat.

Check out this interview JEFF the Brotherhood did with Paste.


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